12 Absurd Reasons People Were Shot This September

Rally to Prevent Gun Violence

Parents Against Gun Violence is a group of “conservatives, liberals and moderates, convinced that there are many common-sense policies that can reduce gun violence, and especially the risk of harm to children.

The group was created in the wake of the Newtown, CT, killings of Friday, December 14, 2012, the second worst mass shooting in US history.

As their website reports: “Hours after the Newtown, CT, killings, a coalition of parents and concerned adults across the US started informal discussions on Facebook.” The outcome was this group and as their mission statement notes, they are committed to:

  • Advocating a re-centered debate focused on policies that scientific evidence and reasoned dialogue show have the greatest potential to reduce firearm-related deaths among children.
  • Finding and disseminating scientific, peer-reviewed research on the causes of gun violence and gun accidents, and on how to reduce both.
  • Advocating for policy change. We will focus on the kinds of policies that we believe can build support across the political spectrum, policies supported by evidence and debate.

This Monday, the group posted a list of a few of the reasons why people were shot in September 2015, which we have listed below, followed by their original post and a meme.

As Parents Against Gun Violence noted in their post: the list is “summarized in the first person to underscore the absurdity” of these avoidable tragedies.

    1. My cousin and I found a gun. I was posing with it to take pictures to post online and unintentionally shot myself to death. (TX, 9/1) SOURCE
    2. My neighbors threw a benefit BBQ to raise money for funeral services. I tried the chicken and it was cold. I got in an argument with them, beat them up, and shot two women. (TX, 9/5) SOURCE
    3. I invited my neighbors to hang out but they didn’t want to, so I shot at them through their door. (OK, 9/8) SOURCE
    4. I needed to use the bathroom, so I unholstered my gun, unintentionally discharging it through a wall and into the kid I was babysitting. (AZ, 9/8) SOURCE
    5. I was at a memorial service and some people drove by playing loud music, which seemed disrespectful, so I shot the driver and passenger. (IL, 9/11) SOURCE
    6. Two football players told me to leave a college party I tried to crash, so I shot them both. (UT, 9/12) SOURCE

  1. I didn’t like the musical selections at our karaoke party, so I shot three people to death and then killed myself. (LA, 9/13) SOURCE
  2. I thought a 43-year-old man was a squirrel, so I shot him. (WI, 9/13) SOURCE
  3. I was having a dispute with my girlfriend, so I went to her church and shot her, her pastor, and an infant. (AL, 9/20) SOURCE
  4. I saw somebody getting carjacked, so I started shooting. I shot the carjacking victim in the head. (TX, 9/26) SOURCE
  5. The guy I was tailgating tapped his brakes. So I shot him. (TX, 9/28) SOURCE
  6. I saw a guy painting a peace mural. I got into an argument with him and shot him. (CA, 9/29) SOURCE

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