Paul Ryan Mocks Angry Protesters In His Own District (Video)

Paul Ryan thinks he can unite the warring Republican factions in the House, yet he can’t even handle a few angry protesters in his hometown.

After a couple of weeks of prodding by House Republicans, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin announced Tuesday night that he would run for Speaker of the House provided his Republican colleagues meet several conditions: namely that the caucus unifies around a common message and that the House rules are changed to make it more difficult for dissident members to oust him.

To celebrate the occasion, we decided to hit our Paul Ryan vault and see what kinds of interesting treats we might find.

Lo and behold, we came across a real gem from 2011 when Ryan and his family participated in Labor Day Parade in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

Ryan was met by angry protesters and hecklers expressing rage that he was putting rich corporate interests above those of the people who elected him to serve them. Several of the protesters can be observed in the video, below, shouting in unison: “Paul Ryan, he’s the worst; he puts corporate interests first.”

Others can be heard chanting “shame,” corporate puppet,” and “stop the attacks on the middle class.”

Some of the protesters approached Ryan directly, attempting to speak to him about tax breaks and jobs – but time and again he told them: “this is not the time.”

One man approaches him asking about tax breaks, and Ryan smugly tells him to go to his website. In another instance, you can see Ryan’s wife, Janna Little, a tax attorney from Oklahoma, getting angry at a voter who dared to ask him about jobs.

Attempting to shut down the conversation, Ryan mockingly ask him: “would you like some candy?” When the gentleman replied “no,” Ryan added: “would you like a Packers-Badger schedule?” referring to the Wisconsin football teams.

The conversations ends with the man remarking: “How can we be at Labor Day when there‚Äôs so much unemployment? This is a sad Labor Day.”

You can watch a video of the spectacle, below:

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