Anti-Choice Hypocrite Carly Fiorina Wants To Redefine ‘Feminism’


Carly Fiorina’s position on abortion is crystal-clear and unwavering, which makes her definition of feminism all the more laughable.

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has a well-documented record of being anti-choice. It was on full display when she worked as a presidential campaign adviser for John McCain in 2008. It was crystal clear when she ran for the U.S. Senate, losing to Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer in 2010. And it is set in stone as she campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination for the 2016 election.

That’s why it was so surprising to come across her vision of what the word “feminism” means.

On Thursday, Fiorina took to her verified Facebook page to blast the “progressive view of feminism.”

Claiming that “feminism has devolved into a left-leaning political ideology where women are pitted against men and used as a political weapon to win elections,” she went on to redefine feminism:

A feminist is a woman who lives the life she chooses. We will have arrived when every woman can decide  how to best find and use her God-given gifts. A woman may choose to have five children and home-school them. She may choose to become a CEO…or run for President.

I am a conservative because I know we are all equal in the eyes of God — men and women. Our principles work better to lift men and women up so that they can choose their own path and live lives of dignity, purpose and meaning.

So, in Fiorina’s fragile eggshell mind, feminism is about women having the right to choose to live and become whatever the hell they want to do and be – so long as it does not conflict with her own particular moral code.

See for yourself:


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