Rachel Maddow Blasts Ted Cruz (Video)


Rachel Maddow blasts Ted Cruz for giving “the single strangest response” to the escalating threats and violence against women’s healthcare providers.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow outlined the context of the history of threats and attacks on abortion providers, facilities, and individuals across the United States in the wake of last week’s attack on a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility.

Maddow discussed just how little is actually known about Robert Lewis Dear, Jr., the suspect in that attack that left nine people wounded and three people dead including a police officer, an Iraq War veteran, and a mother of two.

Maddow went on to single out Republican senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz for his “bizarre, distinctly un-presidential response to the tragedy,” calling it “the single strangest response to this crisis and this attack that I think anybody could have imagined.”

Maddow pointed out that: “Senator Cruz as a presidential candidate has gone out of his way just in the past couple of weeks to court and celebrate and brag about his own affiliation with people who are at the very radical, bleeding edge of anti-abortion extremism and violence. And I’m not talking about just mainstream anti-abortion, mainstream pro-life figures.”

“Senator Ted Cruz is in a bad position as a political leader here because of the way he has touted endorsements from people on the violent end of anti-abortion extremism who have said publicly and repeatedly that abortion doctors ought to be killed,” she continued, adding that: “[H]e has on purpose aligned himself specifically and by name with the parts of the extremist anti-abortion movement in this country that has veered with shocking frequency over the years from protests and virulent charges and rhetoric over the line from that into domestic terrorism and assassination.”

You can watch the full segment, below. The portion regarding Ted Cruz begins at about the 12 minute, 35 second mark in the clip.

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