Trump Hurls Insults After Losing Bitter 2-Year Court Battle And $100s Of Millions In Scotland

Donald Duffs

Donald Trump is reduced to hurling insults at Scotland in the wake of the loss of millions of dollars from previous clashes with the country.

If there is one thing one can count on regarding Donald Trump, it’s the fact that you can’t count on anything. He doesn’t seem to operate by the same rules as the rest of the planet earth, and when it comes to bigotry, hatefulness and ignorance – well…… the sky seems to be the limit.

During June 2016, Trump committed a series of gaffes (or possibly intentional insults?) during a visit to Scotland to re-open his Trump Turnberry Golf Resort. Speaking to the press regarding the U.K. recent vote to depart the European Union, Trump said Britain’s decision to leave the EU is a “great thing, ” infuriating residents of Scotland who voted against the departure. (Scotland, of course, had voted 62% to 38% to remain in the European Union.)

Trump went on to boast that he would profit from the resulting decline in the value of the British Pound Sterling to its lowest rate in decades, telling reporters that “When the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry.”

Twitter exploded in the wake of Trump’s asinine comments to the media along with an equally ignorant tweet.

Yet, one thing the media seems to have overlooked is the fact that Trump’s problems with Scotland didn’t begin last week.

Indeed, it was merely the third clash in recent months.

Strike One: Trump Loses The British Open

The first blow came with last Sunday’s announcement that Trump’s Turnberry Golf Resort had been pulled for consideration for the 2020 British Open Tournament. It seems the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews had been expected to endorse Trump’s golf resort to host the 2020 British Open, but after Trump’s recent slew of racist remarks about the Chinese, Mexicans, Muslims, and women – increasing concerns regarding the risk of boycotts by tournament sponsors and players were too much for the prestigious governing body.

Bear in mind, this rejection has wide-reaching implications for Trump’s golf resort empire as the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the world and is regarded as the worldwide “Home of Golf.”

Then there’s the financial blow to Trump’s empire of ego. Trump purchased the Turnberry resort last April for “just over $63 million,” renaming it Trump Turnberry. Promising an upgrade of slightly more than $300 million, “the purchase appeared to give the billionaire the near-guarantee that when The Open came to his place, he would be center-stage at the winner’s presentation party on the 18th green,”along with other dignitaries in a ceremony shown to millions around the world, according to a report by The Independent on Sunday.

Strike Two: Trump Loses Bitter 2-Year Battle

The second blow occurred this Wednesday when Britain’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously against Trump’s efforts to block the construction of a wind farm in Scotland.

As Think Progress reports, Trump has been “fighting to prevent the construction of a wind farm off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, since 2013.” Trump “maintained that the wind farm, if constructed, would ruin the view of a luxury golf course he owns near the planned site of the farm. The Scottish government approved plans for the wind farm in 2013, and since then, Trump’s challenge had lost twice in Scottish courts,” and Wednesday’s ruling likely puts an end to the billionaire’s efforts to halt construction of the project.

“This is an extremely unfortunate verdict for the residents of Aberdeen and anyone who cares about Scotland’s economic future,” the Trump Organization complained to the BBC, adding: “History will judge those involved unfavourably, and the outcome demonstrates the foolish, small-minded and parochial mentality which dominates the current Scottish government’s dangerous experiment with wind energy.”

The impact of this ruling on the battle against climate change is enormous. BBC News reports that Andy Paine, project director for Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Ltd, said: “This is another significant step forward for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Center,” adding that “It affirms the scheme’s potential to position Scotland, and particularly the north east, as a center of innovative offshore wind power.”

Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said: “I am pleased that the Supreme Court has unanimously found in our favor. The proposed European Offshore Wind Deployment Center is an important project for Aberdeen and north east Scotland.”

“It will give the industry the ability to test and demonstrate new technologies to enable costs to be further reduced,” he continued, adding: Aberdeen is already of global importance for hydrocarbons, and this wind deployment center cements its role in renewable offshore development, further positioning Aberdeen as the energy capital of Europe and a world energy center.”

The World Wildlife Federation’s Scotland director Lang Banks said: “This result is great news for Scotland and for all those interested in tackling climate change and creating jobs. Having failed in his attempt to undermine Scotland’s renewables ambitions, it’s now time for Mr Trump to move on.”

Ironically, Think Progress reports that:

Trump, as well as being a staunch defender of his golf courses’ views, is also a longtime-denier of climate change. He’s called climate change a “hoax” and regularly uses snow and cold weather to cast doubt on the fact that the planet is warming. Ironically, however, financial disclosures show that Trump has invested in Nextera, an electricity supplier that calls itself one of the world’s largest generators of wind power.

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