Want To Make $64,650 A Year To Drink Drink Beer? The Smithsonian Is Hiring


The Smithsonian is looking for a beer historian.

If you like drinking beer, then this might just be the perfect job for you.

As Time reports: “The hoppy gig, which will pay $64,650 a year and includes benefits, is a new role for the Museum of American History, the Washington City Paper reported. Funded by the Brewers Association, the position lasts for three years and seeks someone who’s interested in ‘research, documentation and collecting American brewing history.'”

The official job notice offers the following background information regarding the job:

“The Smithsonian Food History project at the National Museum of American History, in Washington, DC, is seeking a professional historian / scholar to conduct archival and field research for a new initiative on American brewing history, with special emphasis on the craft industry. The position is located in the Division of Work and Industry and will be a three-year appointment.”

Washington City Paper spoke with Smithsonian curator Paula Johnson who explains that the job is “a new position funded by the Brewers Association and that the museum is seeking someone who can ‘focus and dedicate efforts towards research, documentation, and collecting American brewing history.'”

“We have collected food history for many years, so when we were doing the research for the exhibition, which is all about big changes in the post WW II era in how and what we eat, one thing we were curious about is the craft beer movement,” Johnson said, adding: “We were looking at wine, coffee, cheese, artisanal bread, and farmers markets. Well, this movement with small-scale, local regional beer is part of the ethos.”

The posted job requirements include the following:

  1. The successful candidate will have proven experience in scholarly research, organizing and conducting oral history interviews, writing for both scholarly and general audiences, and knowledge of material culture and archival materials.
  2. The candidate will work with members of the curatorial staff on collections work and develop content for a wide variety of programs and applications, including digital formats.
  3. Candidates with an advanced degree in American business, brewing, food, cultural, or similar specialization within history are encouraged to apply.
  4. Must be able to travel, work independently as well as within a team environment, to meet deadlines, and to communicate effectively with co-workers and the public.

Applications are due by August 10th, so if you are a fan of beer and think you might have what it takes for this job – be sure to check out the official job posting.

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