Hillary Clinton Crushes Donald Trump In The Post-Debate Snap Polls


Clinton destroyed Trump in the post-debate snap polls.

Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton scored a solid victory over Republican rival Donald Trump in the post-debate polling.

CNN reports that Clinton polled at 62% to Trump’s 27% with the CNN/ORC Poll of voters who watched the debate, noting that: “Voters who watched said Clinton expressed her views more clearly than Trump and had a better understanding of the issues by a margin of more than 2-to-1. Clinton also was seen as having done a better job addressing concerns voters might have about her potential presidency by a 57% to 35% margin, and as the stronger leader by a 56% to 39% margin.”

Vox reports that while it will be several days until “methodologically rigorous polls measuring how the electorate felt about the first presidential debate” are released, the early polling shows Clinton as the clear winner.

Vox cites the CNN/ORC Poll showing Clinton soundly defeating Trump and cites a comparable poll by Public Policy Polling that was sponsored by VoteVets Action Fund, which found that “voters nationally think Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the debate, 51/40.”

The Public Policy Polling report also notes that: “Perhaps most important for Clinton is that among young voters, who she has under performed with, 63% think she won the debate to only 24% for Trump. 47% of voters in that age group said the debate tonight made them more likely to vote for her, to only 10% who say it made them less likely to vote for her. For Trump with that group on the other hand, only 23% said the debate made them more likely to vote for him to 39% who said it made them less likely to.”

Vox also reports that “A focus group of 20 undecided Florida voters by CNN found that 18 of them thought Clinton won,” and “a focus group of Pennsylvania voters by GOP pollster Frank Luntz overwhelmingly thought Clinton had won.”

Possibly most interesting, the conservative website Breitbart – run by Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, Steve Bannongave Clinton the win too “48 percent [who] said Clinton did a better job, compared to 43 percent, who said Trump did the better job.”

As Slate concludes in their report on the snap polls: “it’s impossible to say with this limited data how many truly undecided voters had their minds changed Monday night, but at the least it’s evidence that HRC didn’t underwhelm the the expectation that she would perform more competently than Trump. She definitely went right out there and whelmed!”

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