16 Anti-Gay Activists And Lawmakers Caught Being Gay, Trump Targets LGBT Community Instead

Trump administration targets LGBT community, yet these hypocrites pose a greater risk to society.

Trump’s administration revoked President Obama’s guidelines regarding transgender bathrooms shortly after taking office.

As Reuters reported: “Trump’s administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama.” 

Reversing the Obama guidelines stands to inflame passions in the latest conflict in America between believers in traditional values and social progressives, and is likely to prompt more of the street protests that followed Trump’s Nov. 8 election.

Obama had instructed public schools last May to let transgender students use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold funding for schools that did not comply. Transgender people hailed the step as victory for their civil rights.

Democratic Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts blasted Trump later that day, stating that he seems to think that LGBT stands for “Let’s Go Back in Time.”

“President Trump seems to think #LGBT stands for Let’s Go Back in Time. He’s wrong,” Markey wrote on a Facebook posts, adding: “We stand with our transgender brothers and sisters in the fight to defend progress. All students deserve to feel safe and valued for who who they are. Shame on you, President Trump. #protecttranskids”

While critics say allowing individuals the use of bathrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity is dangerous, Media Matters, Mic, and Vox all report that there has not been a single instance of a sexual voyeurism and assault in bathrooms by a transgender individual. However, there is ample cause for concern that transgenders are at significant risk.

As Bustle reported on Thursday:

A survey released last year by the National Center for Transgender Equality has brought much-needed data into debate over transgender bathroom access. The survey, which represented an estimated 2 percent of America’s adult transgender population in 2015 with 27,715 respondents, found the lack of safe bathroom access can have a detrimental affect on the health and safety of transgender people.

Nearly 60 percent of transgender people in the United States have avoided using a public restroom out of fear after having been harassed and/or assaulted, the survey found. A total of 24 percent of respondents said their presence in a restroom had been questioned within the last year. Twelve percent reported having been harassed, attacked, or sexually assaulted in a restroom within the last year. And 9 percent said they were denied access to a restroom that best matched their gender identity in the last year.

Ranker published a list of 16 anti-gay activists and lawmakers who were caught being gay, noting that “This list will continue to grow as new anti-gay activists come out of the closet, albeit against their will (most of the time). Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Liberals Unite reported on 8 of those individuals last April, and we will include 4 of them here. If you would like to see the full list of Ranker’s 16 you can do so here.

David Dreier

Perhaps the most prominent and powerful legislator on this list, former Congressman David Dreier (R-CA) had a history of voting against same-sex marriage and gay adoption rights in his 32 years as a member of the House of Representatives.

Speculations about Dreier’s sexuality were always present, as well as accusations of having sex with staff members and residing with his male chief of staff – who was paid an unusually high salary.

In 2005 Dreier nearly became majority leader of the House, but was dismissed by the far-right members of his party who claimed his views were “too moderate.” When asked about Dreier’s being passed over for the job for being too moderate, (now former) Rep. Barney Frank, (D-MA) an openly-gay man, said “Yes, in the sense that I marched in the moderate pride parade last summer and went to a moderate bar.”

Dreier retired from Congress in 2013.

Larry Craig

Former Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is another lawmaker with a history of championing anti-gay legislation. One of the senators who enacted the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, he was also a supporter of the Federal marriage Amendment, which banned same-sex marriage, and received a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign during his 18 year tenure in the Senate.

Craig was arrested in 2007 for soliciting a plainclothes police officer for sex in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport. Investigating complaints of lewd behavior, including the exchange of money for sex, the officer took Craig into custody after he entered the stall next to him and tapped his right foot. Craig also swiped his hand under the stall divider palms up three times, which is used “as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct.”

Craig initially entered a guilty plea and paid a $500 fine, but later reversed course, stating “At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions. I was not involved in any inappropriate conduct,” Craig said. “I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.”

Craig claimed that he had a “wide stance,” which is why his foot tapped the undercover officer’s foot.

He signaled his intention to resign from the Senate, effective September 30, but later recanted by issuing a statement refusing to resign after his attempt to withdraw his guilty plea failed.

The senator decided against running for re-election when his seat was up in 2008.

Ed Schrock

Former Republican Virginia state senator and United States representative Ed Schrock abruptly ended a bid for a third term in Congress after allegations regarding his sexuality were brought to light.

Gay activist Michael Rogers operated a website where he exposed legislators who held anti-gay views but were, according to Rogers, secretly gay themselves. He claimed on his site that Schrock, who is married and has a child, had been recorded several years earlier using a phone service that places ads to arrange rendezvous with other men.

“Why should my community protect him?” Rogers asked. “He’s the enemy.”

The hypocrisy alleged by Rogers comes from Schrock’s own words and voting record regarding gay rights. A former member of the Navy, Schrock spoke out in 2000 in favor of ending the Clinton-era “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gays serving in the military.

“You’re in the showers with them, you’re in the bunk room with them, you’re in staterooms with them,” Schrock told the Virginian-Pilot. “You just hope no harm would come by folks who are of that persuasion. It’s a discipline thing.”

Although the allegations of Schrock’s participation in the telephone service were never proven, they were enough to have him come to the decision of ending his campaign to keep his congressional seat in 2004.

Phillip Hinkle

Former Indiana state representative Phillip Hinkle is yet another lawmaker who was a crusader against gay rights, voting in the affirmative for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

In 2011, emails were revealed between the Republican legislator and an 18-year-old man that Hinkle found on Craigslist. Promising to pay the young man–since named as Kameryn Gibson–up to $140 for a “really good time.” The Indianapolis Star published the correspondence between the two, in which a plan to meet at a downtown Indianapolis hotel was detailed.

Initially refusing to resign, Hinkle said “I’m not gay.” While not denying what had transpired, he said he was “aware of a shakedown taking place.”

Gibson (whose Craigslist ad said “I need a sugga daddy”) alleges that he met with Hinkle and attempted to leave once he found out he was a state representative. Gibson also claimed that Hinkle at first wouldn’t let him leave, grabbed his rear, and and later gave him an iPod, a Blackberry and cash in the amount of $100 to keep quiet.

Hinkle said that he did make plans to meet Gibson, but denied it was for the purpose of a sexual encounter. He relayed to a local Indiana news station that, while his actions were “stupid,” he did not break any laws. “I don’t know what was going through my mind,” he said. “I don’t know why I did what I did.”

Hinkle eventually decided against running for re-election in the next cycle.

The Remaining 12

Below are the remaining 12 individuals on Ranker’s list. You can read the full list of Ranker’s 16 here.

  • Former U.S. Representative Mark Foley (FL), formerly in charge of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children
  • Conservative California State Senator Roy Ashburn
  • North Dakota State Representative Randy Boehning
  • Former Washington State Representative Richard Curtis
  • Former Florida State Representative Robert Allen
  • Former Alabama Attorney General Troy King
  • North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Steve Wiles
  • Former Republican Chairman of Pennsylvania’s Cumberland County commission, Bruce Barclay
  • Glenn Murphy Jr., former head of the Young Republicans and one of the (former) leading Republicans of Indiana
  • George Rekers, a man who helped start one of the most powerful anti-gay lobbying groups in the U.S. during the 80s
  • Georgia Pastor Eddie Long is a Baptist and famed televangelist
  • Pastor Ted Haggard of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado



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