Fox News Host To Trump: ‘Fake News’ Isn’t The Problem, The Problem Is You – Video

Fox News host Neil Cavuto delivered a truth bomb to Trump on Tuesday, telling him that he’s the problem – not fake news media.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto concluded his Tuesday show by discussing a particularly brutal editorial published by the conservative Wall Street Journal on Monday that criticized Trump for his Twitter habits.

Cavuto went on to address Trump’s criticism of mainstream media (MSM), citing a Tuesday morning tweet stating that: “The FAKE MSM is working so hard trying to get me not to use Social Media. They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out.”

“Mr. President, it’s not the fake news media that’s your problem,” he began. “It’s you. It’s not just your tweeting, it’s your scapegoating. It’s your refusal to see that sometimes you’re the one who’s feeding your own beast and acting beastly with your own guys.”

Reminding Trump that he is hurting members of his own team, Cavuto went on to say that:

Those are your guys Mr. President. They’re on your team, Mr. President. And right about now they seem shell shocked and dejected looking like deer with their headlight eyes. I bet they’re too afraid to tell you. Now they’re not perfect but they do have your back.

Continuing, he stated:

They didn’t tweet disparaging comments about a London mayor in the middle of a murder spree. You did. They didn’t create that needless distraction. You did. They didn’t get you off your very valid and very promising agenda. You did. They didn’t turn on a travel ban that you signed. You did.

Concluding his remarks, Cavuto stated:

You are right to say that a lot of people are out to get you, Mr. President, they are. But as the [Wall Street] Journal pointed out, the buck stops with you. […] Look at the critiques you’re now hearing from usually friendly and supportive allies as sort of like an intervention. Because firing off these angry missives and tweets risks your political discussion.

Quoting the [Wall Street] Journal, “If this pattern continues, Mr. Trump may find himself running an administration with no one but his family and the Breitbart staff. People of talent and integrity won’t work for a boss that undermines them in public without thinking about the consequences.”

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