Watch The Former President Of Mexico Hand Trump His A**

Vicente Fox is not a fan of Trump and has taken to mocking the bigoted billionaire in an ongoing series of tweets and YouTube videos.

In the wake of all the White House shake-ups last week, Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, took to Twitter to mock Trump.

“Hey Trump, I’m watching this really bad reality TV show with low ratings called Survivor White House. I can’t change the channel. Sad!” he tweeted last Monday (July 31, 2017).

He has also been taunting Trump for a long time now regarding his efforts to build a wall separating the United States and Mexico.

This Thursday (August 3, 2017) Fox tweeted: “@realDonaldTrump once again I tell you: we’re not paying for the #FuckingWall! Don’t try use us for your own good.”

This tweet mirrors a YouTube video he published the first week of June going into elaborate detail about Trump’s beloved wall. Using a crude drawing of a wall and a ladder, Fox explains in one part of the video how a $25 ladder can beat a $25 million dollar wall.

In his latest video, Fox once again hands Trump his a**, offering some sage and hilarious advise.

“I know you don’t want to end the world, but you are a hot-tempered man, Donald, and when it comes to war, it is important to slow down,” he states, adding that “I made a list of five questions that I want you to ask yourself before you push the button.”

  1. “The first question to ask yourself before you start a war: Would you fight in it? Not now, obviously. You’d be useless, unless we get attacked by golf balls, but back when you dodged the Vietnam draft, when bone spurs prevented you from serving your country but not serving on the tennis court. If a war you want to start today isn’t so fucken righteous that a young Donald Trump would have willingly served in it, then don’t send other young people to die in it. Okay?
  2. “Question number two: are you making war for the right reasons, or for ego reasons? There are bad people out there doing bad things in Iran, in North Korea, even your BFF in Russia. So sometimes there are going to be perfectly valid reasons to unleash your dragon on the world. But before you do, ask yourself, are you doing this to make the world a better, safer place? Or are you doing it to make yourself feel bigger? Or to finally nudge your approval ratings over 40?
  3. “Question number three: have you given diplomacy enough time? Sometimes the best leaders aren’t the ones who drop bombs. They are the ones who can avoid dropping bombs by using their words, by dialogue. Now, I know patience is not your strong suit, so I looked up some tips in a book about toddlers. It said when a little kid get’s fidgety sometimes a treat can help. So I suggest you keep a bag of cookies in the nuclear suitcase, and that way, if you ever open it, you find the yummy cookies and maybe you don’t feel like ending all life on earth. It doesn’t have to be cookies. It could be a salty snack, like a chip, or a fried chicken, or whatever calms down my little boy.
  4. “Question number four: do you like video games? Everyone has heard about how you walk around the White House in a bathrobe at four in the morning. What if instead of doing that, you played video games on the big White House TV? They have games like “Call of Duty” that are so lifelike you almost feel like you’re making a real war. You could play this at night and have your war orgasm, and then no one has to die in real life. You could even play online with Bill O’Reilly. He has a bunch of free time, no? I am going to send this to you, Donald. For free. No joke. [holds up box addressed to “Crazy Gringo c/o the White House]
  5. “Final question, Donald: do you want to be a hero? Because you can, and it is so easy. All you have to do is quit. Just walk away. It will make so many people happy, including you. You can finally golf again. And you can go back to the woman you love, Ivanka. But if you won’t quit, Donald, please, just do your very best not to blow up the world. It is a very good world, even the places you hate, like Mexico. If you are too old to learn a video game, just play with these[reaches for plastic army soldiers] – which I am going to put in the box.”

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