Roy Moore’s Brother Threatens The Wrath Of God: ‘Doug Jones, Democrats and Republicans In Washington Will Have To Pay’

Jerry Moore spoke to NPR after his brother’s Tuesday defeat, warning that Doug Jones, Democrats and Republicans in Washington will face the wrath of God in the afterlife – if not in this one.

NPR National Correspondent Debbie Elliott covers news in the southern part of the country and attended Republican hopeful Roy Moore’s election night watch party.

Elliott reportedly met with Roy Moore’s brother, Jerry Moore, shortly after the Associated Press and others declared Democrat Doug Jones the winner in Alabama’s special election to replace AG Jeff Sessions.

NPR‘s Deputy Political Director Arnie Seipel tweeted about the encounter shortly before midnight – Eastern Standard Time.

“Roy Moore’s brother Jerry Moore spoke to @NPRDebElliott: ‘It might not happen on this earth right now, but Doug Jones will pay for what he’s saying. And them Democrat people that’s out there and those Republicans in Washington. They’re going to have to answer to God,'” he tweeted.

Apparently wanting to reinforce the legitimacy of his tweet, Elliott retweeted Seipel’s post moments later and she posted a tweet of her own, confirming that, while the crowd was chanting inside, “brother Jerry says whatever happens is God’s will.”

Jerry Moore’s words echo those of Roy Moore, who is still refusing to concede – claiming the matter is in God’s hands.

“Realize when the vote is this close, that it’s not over,” Roy Moore said to supporters last night, adding that he would “wait on God and let this process play out.”

Fellow Republican Mike Huckabee and others took to Twitter to respond to Moore’s claim.

“Roy Moore won’t concede; says will wait on God to speak. God wasn’t registered to vote in AL but the ppl who voted did speak and it wasn’t close enough for recount. In elections everyone does NOT get a trophy. I know first hand but it’s best to exit with class,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, as USA Today reported: “Even if there were a recount, Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill told CNN it’s ‘highly unlikely’ it would change the outcome of the election.”

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