Watch My Amazing Cat Playing Fetch – Video

My one-year-old kitten has taught herself to play fetch. Check out her amazing video.

Last February I adopted two three month old kittens from a local animal shelter. Their mother was a street cat and the night before she gave birth locals brought her to the shelter where she gave birth to the twins.

I named one of them Sissy for obvious reasons and the other one Lucy because she talks nearly non-stop, just like the comedian and sitcom star Lucille Ball.

Although she fusses all the time, demanding attention, whenever I do stop everything (which is frequents – yeah, I admit it) she gets bored almost immediately – as young cats do – and gallops away.

I work from home, with my office upstairs in my loft apartment facing my private patio. Nearing the age of one, Lucy started bringing me her favorite toy mouse and would drop it at my feet.

Silly me – I took this as a sign she wanted attention and I would take a break from work and give her the allotted 15-seconds of attention she allowed.

One day, quite busy with work and unable (or unwilling) to take a break instead of the usual routine, I picked up her toy and tossed it across the room. To my amazement she retrieved it and dropped it at my feet again.

Curious how far this might go, I then tossed the toy downstairs – and again, she retrieved it and brought it back to me, dropping it at my feet again.

Really curious now, I tossed it out the window into the back yard, below. She excitedly paced about my feet as I arose and walked to the window. Once I tossed the toy out the window she braced her front feet against the window to observe where it landed.

She then ran downstairs, retrieved her toy, raced back up the stairs – and brought it to me for another round.

She never seems to tire of this fun and I literally think that she would play all day were I to have the time.

Along the way, she has learned to toss her toy down the stairs by herself and will play fetch with herself all afternoon. She is even teaching Sissy to play fetch with her, starting about a week ago.

Watch and enjoy my amazing cat as she plays a couple of rounds of fetch with me.


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