John Fugelsang Pulverizes Hypocritical Trump-Supporting Conservative Christians With One Perfect Tweet

John Fugelsang has the perfect response to conservative Christians over their unholy alliance with Trump. 

Christianity in the USA has found itself repeatedly in the line of fire as the result of what appears to be their unholy alliance with the Trump administration.

Many Christian leaders have ignored the numerous allegations of sexual abuse by Trump, with evangelical leader Tony Perkins announcing earlier this year that he was giving Trump a “mulligan” on his affair with Stormy Daniels.

Vox News reported that:

Perkins argued that the good Trump could do for evangelicals made up for his un-biblical behavior and warranted a free pass. He told [Politico] that evangelicals “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s somebody on the playground that is willing to punch the bully.”

There are some members of the clergy who are speaking out against Trump, such as Miguel A. De La Torre, an ordained Southern Baptist minister and professor of social ethics and Latino/a studies, who wrote an op-ed piece for Baptist News Global in November 2017 discussing the death of Christianity in the USA, connecting it to evangelicals and the rise of Trump.

“Christianity has died in the hands of Evangelicals. Evangelicalism ceased being a religious faith tradition following Jesus’ teachings concerning justice for the betterment of humanity when it made a Faustian bargain for the sake of political influence,” he began, adding that: “The beauty of the gospel message — of love, of peace and of fraternity — has been murdered by the ambitions of Trumpish flimflammers who have sold their souls for expediency.”

In a particularly damning passage, De La Torre writes that the evangelical movement has provided a shield against accountability for serial predator Donald Trump:

Evangelicalism forsakes holding a sexual predator, an adulterer, a liar and a racist accountable, instead serving as a shield against those who question POTUS’ immorality because of some warped reincarnation of Cyrus. Laying holy hands upon the incarnation of the very vices Jesus condemned to advance a political agenda — instead of rebuking and chastising in loving prayer — has prostituted the gospel in exchange for the victory of a Supreme Court pick.

Actor, writer, radio and television personality, and political satirist, John Fugelsang stepped into the debate over the weekend in response to a tweet by Trump apologist Franklin Graham, the son of noted evangelical Billy Graham.

Graham posted a two-part tweet about the upcoming midterm elections, warning his flock of the dangers of “progressives.”

All elections are important. Midterms are coming up, but important elections are happening across the country at other times as well. As Christians we need to pray and we need to vote, even in off-year elections,” he began. “Christians should be aware of candidates who call themselves progressive. Progressive is generally just a code word for someone who leans toward socialism, who does not believe in God, & who will likely vote against Godly principles that are so important to our nation.

Fugelsang – child of two ex-clergy members – was quick to point out Graham’s hypocrisy, tweeting:

This isn’t the first time that Fugelsang has gone after conservative Christians for blindly supporting Republicans.

Back in 2012 Fugelsang delivered a stinging rebuke to Republicans seeking the party’s presidential nomination, destroying their Bible-thumping hypocrisy in the process:

“I’ve come to view Jesus the same way I view Elvis – I love the guy, [but] the fan clubs scare me, like GOP candidates. We hear them all talking about Jesus all the time. They invoke his name incessantly. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the actual Jesus of Nazareth to come back and run for President on the GOP ticket? They can’t pick a front-runner anyway.

“So wouldn’t the GOP love to get behind a peaceful, radical, nonviolent revolutionary who hung around with lepers, criminals and hookers? Who never spoke English? Who was not an American citizen? A man who was anti-capitalism, anti-wealth, anti-public prayer (yes, He was, see Matthew 6:5), anti-death penalty, but never once remotely said anything anti-gay, didn’t mention abortion, didn’t mention premarital sex? A man who never justified torture? A man who never called the poor lazy? Who never asked a leper for a co-pay? A man who never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes? And who was a long-haired, brown-skinned (that’s in Revelations), homeless middle Eastern Jew?

Of course that’s only if you believe what’s actually in the Bible.”

 Be sure to check out Fugelsang’s rant on Jesus, Republicans and the Bible by clicking here. 

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