Roger Stone Flips Out As Robert Mueller Closes In On Him


Roger Stone has threatened, bullied and intimidated in the name of Trump, and now that Team Mueller is catching up with him – he appears to be melting down.

Longtime Trump friend and adviser Roger Stone is back in the news after flipping out in the wake of news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller might be moving in on him.

Last Thursday, former Stone associate and Trump aide Sam Nunberg  appeared on MSNBC stating that he thought Stone was trying to curry favor with Trump by boasting about meeting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange prior to the 2016 election.

“He’s always trying to ingratiate himself back with Trump,” Nunberg stated, adding: “I don’t care about Trump. It’s irrelevant to me if I have a relationship with him again. Roger does. They have a long relationship.”

Stone took to his Instagram page later that same day to respond to Nunberg’s remarks.

“Sam Nunberg has a serious cocaine problem. Nothing this psycho says can be believed . He is a lying asshole,” he wrote.

Later that same evening, Stone followed up by posting a video of himself smoking a cigar while making the same accusations against Nunberg.

“Sam Nunberg is a cocaine addict,” Stone said, adding that “any news organization that takes anything he said seriously is courting a serious lawsuit.” He concluded stating: “Coke head,” as he took another puff off the cigar.

It’s likely that Stone was also shaken up by news reports that Mueller has subpoenaed Ted Malloch, a former associate.

Business Insider reported last Friday that:

The FBI has subpoenaed Ted Malloch, an American academic with ties to Republican strategist Roger Stone and former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage, to testify in the Russia investigation.

Malloch was detained at the Boston Logan International Airport in Massachusetts on March 27 after flying in from London, according to a statement sent to Business Insider.


Malloch said investigators questioned him about his involvement in President Donald Trump’s campaign, his relationship with the longtime Republican strategist Roger Stone, and whether he had ever visited the Ecuadorian embassy where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange resides.

Continuing, Business Insider reported that Stone tried to downplay his connection with Malloch after describing him as a “policy wonk” who became a “self-appointed surrogate for Trump” during and after the campaign.

Stone lashed out at Business Insider over the weekend, posting a link to their article on his Facebook page along with the following message:

This is the new McCarthyism- facts and evidence have been replaced by wild and baseless charges and guilt by association – neither Ted Malloch or I know anything about Russian Collusion in the 2016 election. #FakeNews

His meltdown continued on Easter when he posted the following message:

Late Monday night, Stone was at it again lashing out at The Washington Post.

Phil Bump of the Washington Post maybe among the worst fake news reporters . Bump may still be sore about the way I eviserated a story he did attempting to clear Bill Clinton of sexual assault. Now Bump wallows in the Washington Post’s own bs when he references a earlier Post story featuring uncorroborated hearsay that alleges I TOLD a source I visited Assange in London and that I had advance knowledge of the contents of the Wikileaks disclosures . This false . Mr. Bump’s timeline is just as bogus as his previous timeline. There is no evidence whatsoever that I had advance knowledge of the source content or exact timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures. I never received anything including allegedly hacked emails from WikiLeaks or Julian Assange or anyone else and therefore never passed anything on of that nature to Donald Trump Or the Trump campaign. Since the special counsel’s office has declined to comment how exactly Mr. Bump knows how they feel is an interesting question.

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