Trump Is Decimated By The New York Times

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Trump is the master of the Art of the Fail and not the great deal maker he makes himself out to be…

The tide seems to be turning; and the media, politicians, industrialists; and others are speaking out against the rogue Trump regime and are predicting its eventual downfall.

The Des Moines Register published a blistering op-ed earlier this year calling for Trump’s impeachment. The New Yorker declared that “we are entering the last phase of the Trump presidency.” The Chicago Tribune published a rebuke of Trump’s handling of Russia. Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others around the world are adding their voices to the chorus of those who are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of Trump.

The New York Times delivered a richly deserved knockout punch to Trump earlier this month when they looked at the failure of the self-professed master of “the art of the deal.”

As The New York Times reported:

Trump likes nothing more than presenting himself as the ultimate deal maker, the master negotiator who can translate his success in business into the worlds of politics, policy and diplomacy. “That’s what I do, is deals,” he said one day last month.

Except that so far he has not. As he threw in the towel on immigration legislation on Friday, saying that Republicans should give up even trying until after the fall midterm elections, Mr. Trump once again fell short of his promise to make “beautiful” deals that no other president could make.

Continuing, The New York Times posted a machine-gun style list of Trump’s failures, which we have converted to bullet points:

  • “No deal on immigration.
  • “No deal on health care.
  • “No deal on gun control.
  • “No deal on spending cuts.
  • “No deal on Nafta.
  • “No deal on China trade.
  • “No deal on steel and aluminum imports.
  • “No deal on Middle East peace.
  • “No deal on the Qatar blockade.
  • “No deal on Syria.
  • “No deal on Russia.
  • “No deal on Iran.
  • “No deal on climate change.
  • “No deal on Pacific trade.”

The New York Times goes on to detail his many other failures to include his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the Iran Nuclear Deal.

They also note the fact that he cannot master the simplest of deals:

Even routine deals sometimes elude Mr. Trump, or he chooses to blow them up. After a Group of 7 summit meeting this month with the world’s leading economic powers, Mr. Trump, expressing pique at Canada’s prime minister, refused to sign the carefully negotiated communiqué that his own team had agreed to. It was the sort of boilerplate agreement that every previous president had made over four decades.

Continuing, The New York Times quoted Jack O’Donnell, a former president of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, who has become a sharp critic. “Trump is an anarchist,” he plainly stated. “It was his approach in business, it is his approach as president. It does not take good negotiating skills to cause chaos. Will this ever lead to concessions? Maybe, but concessions to what? Not anything that resembles a deal. I just do not see him getting much done.”

The New York Times continued their article with a detailed analysis of his many failures in the business world. They concluded their article with a quote by Wendy Sherman, who was Mr. Obama’s lead negotiator on the Iran nuclear deal, warning that, as president of the United States, the “consequences of his failures “are much higher.”

“Deal making as president,” Sherman said, “is a multidimensional proposition where the stakes are war and peace, prosperity and depression.”

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