Hellfire Rains Down On House Republicans In The Wake Of Yesterday’s Witch Hunt

Devin Nunes

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt didn’t hold anything back when he unleashed the hounds of hell on House Republicans.

House Republicans managed to outdo themselves yesterday as they questioned interrogated insulted and smeared FBI agent Peter Strzok.

As Salon reported:

The all-day House Oversight and Judiciary Committee grilling of Peter Strzok, the counter-intelligence FBI agent who had been involved in both the Clinton email case and the early months of the Russia investigation — until he was found to have texted rude remarks about Trump to his girlfriend — was a three-ring circus. The Republicans were the clowns.

Apparently believing that their best chance of deflecting whatever special counsel Robert Mueller finds out about the Russian interference is to destroy the reputation of the FBI and the Department of Justice, GOP committee members decided to become the human version of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. It wasn’t pretty.

Steve Schmidt, a former Republican strategist who managed Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, held nothing back when he tweeted about the Republican-led witch hunt.

Schmidt, who left the Republican Party last month in the wake of the Trump administration’s immigration policies that have led to the separation of families, began tweeting: “Imagine it’s 1000 years from now and video of this hearing is the only surviving artifact of American civilization. Generations would study the idiocy, dishonesty, looniness, loathsomeness and bad faith of this GOP kangaroo court. They are avatars of American decay and decline.

Continuing, he tweeted: “This hearing is a farce and a joke. No doubt the TRUMP propaganda/media axis will spin a magic tale turning these GOP loons, buffoons and grandstanders into some type of fearsome legion defending Trump’s Army of victims from the deep state conspiracy and invading children.

Turning his attention briefly to Strzok, he tweeted: “Peter Strzok conducted himself with integrity and honor at this disgraceful kangaroo court star chamber. The conduct of the GOP majority is despicable, dishonest and dishonorable. Strzok has served America much more honorably than his mendacious harassers.

Returning to the House Republicans witch hunters, he continued his rant tweeting: “The American people have watched an extraordinary clinic on the rot, decay, indecency, dishonesty and corruption of the TRUMP/GOP on live TV. The malice of most questions was only outdone by their stupidity, venality and dishonesty. May the stench of this disgrace long linger.

Continuing, he addressed some of the culprits by name, tweeting: “I bet one gazillion dollars that if you took ‘wack job’ Louis Gohmerts’, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan’s; Devin Nunes’ and name one other random Freedom Caucus member’s emails and made them public that Peter Strzok would come out better seven days a week and twice on Sunday. The moral preening by Louis Gohmert is literally too much to take. By all means let’s line up the GOP conference and let wacky Louis walk the line and deliver his thunderous moral outrage one by one for each of his hypocritical colleagues. What a joke.

Not yet finished, he responded to a tweet by Republican witch-hunter Lindsey Graham who tweeted: “If Democrats and the FBI believe the bias displayed by Strzok and Page will not be subject to congressional oversight, they are kidding themselves. That’s delusional.

Schmidt responded: “That wasn’t oversight and you know it. It was harassment, conspiracy theories, wackjobbery, dishonesty and demagoguery wrapped in a blanket of venality and rot. This country needs statesmen and women. You know one well. Think about stepping it up.

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