Twitter Responds After Tomi Lahren Calls CNN Commentator ‘Vile’ And ‘Disgusting’

Tomi Lahren

Twitter schools Fox News personality Tomi Lahren after she spoke out against Ana Navarro during a Wednesday appearance on Fox & Friends. 

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren used a Wednesday appearance on “Fox & Friends” to bash liberal news commentator Ana Navarro for a tweet she posted on Monday regarding First Lady Melania Trump.

Navarro was responding to a clip of Melania Trump speaking out against cyber-bullying. Navarro pointed out Melania’s “lack of self-awareness & any sense of shame for her husband’s use of the Presidency to bully others,” concluding that the “Only plausible explanation here is, Melania suffered oxygen deprivation to the brain.”

Responding to Navarro’s tweet, Lahren stated: “How could someone be so disgusting and so vile to tweet this about our first lady, who is advocating for anti-bullying?” adding: “I have never seen a first lady be attacked like this, like Melania Trump has, for the good works and the good deeds that she has done.”

Continuing, Lahren added: “Can you imagine if we would sit here and attack Michelle Obama for something she was trying to do to better the country? We’d be attacked up and down. But because it’s Melania, because her last name is Trump, people like Ana Navarro think it’s okay that they’re entitled to do that”

Weighing in on the controversy, Huffington Post reported that: “Of course, Fox News over the years directed numerous barbs at Michelle Obama ― in particular over her healthy food and exercise campaign for children, as well as her physical appearance. And Twitter users were quick to remind Lahren of that.”

Navarro was one of the first to respond, tweeting: “I recall Michelle Obama attacked for going sleeveless, & worse, for encouraging kids to be healthy. Now clutch ur pearls when a FLOTUS who spread birther conspiracy, wore offensive jacket & advocates against cyber-bullying while her husband cyber bullies humanity, is criticized.”

CNN host Dave Briggs weighed in, providing a link to an example of Michelle Obama being targeted by conservative commentators to include ones from Fox News.

Media Matters News Director John Whitehouse posted a clip of Lahren from the “Fox & Friends” segment, tweeting “i am dying,” and attaching multiple links other examples:

The comments kept coming with Twitter users posting link after link of examples of Michelle Obama being criticized.

A few other noteworthy comments included:

  • “I’m having trouble imagining it because I’m too busy remembering it.”
  • “Fox attacked Michelle Obama relentlessly for [checks notes] encouraging kids to get healthy.”
  • “I’m having trouble imagining it because I’m too busy remembering it.”
  • “Maybe Tomi doesn’t watch Fox News.”
  • “Yes, I can. Except I don’t need to imagine it happening, it played out before these newly fangled contraptions called television and newspapers.”
  • “I did not have to ‘imagine’ it Tomi, I REMEMBER it. Faux was all riled up when First Lady Obama suggested kids should eat healthy and exercise. The horror.”
  • “Tomi, I’m old enough 2 remember Michelle Obama was attacked often by CONS. They called her healthy food initiative in schools ‘socialism/communism’, made fun of her WH garden & suggested she was a man. Just go 2 the Fox archives & look at the tapes. I’ll wait.”




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