Republicans Are Going To Flip Out When They See The Latest Fox News Poll

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The latest Fox News poll is the stuff of nightmares for any Republicans hoping to do well in the upcoming midterm elections. 

Fox News posted the results of their latest poll on Monday, painting a bleak outcome for Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections and for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

The Midterms

Below is a sampling of key figures from that poll, beginning with interest in the midterm elections.

I. Registered voters were asked: “Right now, how interested are you in the November elections?

  • Those numbers have seen a slow but consistent rise the last few months with 52% currently saying they are extremely interested in the upcoming midterm elections. This is a five-percent rise from 47% in August, a six-percent rise from 46% in July, and a ten-percent rise of the 42% who said they were extremely interested in June.
  • Midterm elections are typically characterized by poor voter turnout, and there is every reason to be optimistic that this increased interest indicates increased levels of Democrats are interested in turning out to vote – which takes us to the following question.

II. In another question, participants were asked: “If the election for Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate in your district or the Republican candidate in your district?

  • Those results showed 49% saying they would vote Democratic, 42% Republican, 1% saying other, and 8% responding they were undecided/don’t know.

Brett Kavanaugh

Here are some key figures regarding Kavanaugh.

I. Registered voters and likely voters: “If you were voting on Kavanaugh’s nomination, would you vote to confirm him or not?

  • Those results shows 50% of likely voters responding “No, not confirmation” and 43% responding “Yes, to confirmation,” and 7% responding “Don’t know.”
  • Registered voters responded similarly with 50% responding no, 40% yes, and 10% didn’t know.

II. Registered and likely voters were also asked: “How closely have you been following news coverage of accusations of sexual assault made against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh?

  • 72% of likely voters and 66% of registered voters responded that they had been watching “closely.”

III. Registered and likely voters were asked: “Christine Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University, claims Brett Kavanaugh, the SupremeCourt nominee, sexually assaulted her in high school in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh denies her claims. From what you have heard or read, who do you believe more —Christine Ford or Brett Kavanaugh?

39% over likely voters responded they believe Ford, 32% saying Kavanaugh, and 29% saying they didn’t know.

Registered voters showed a similar split – 36% saying Ford, 30% Kavanaugh, and 34% didn’t know.

Fox News discussed those numbers in an article as they related to Kavanaugh:

Since August, support for Kavanagh’s confirmation dropped 12 points among independents, 11 points among suburban women, and 10 points among voters under age 45.  Support is also down, by smaller margins, among men (-5 points), women (-4), Democrats (-5), and Republicans (-4).

Continuing, Fox News added:

Overall, the 50 percent opposing Kavanaugh is the highest opposition to a Supreme Court nominee in Fox surveys going back to 2005.  Forty-six opposed Kavanaugh in August.  Before his nomination, the previous high was when 39 percent opposed Neil Gorsuch in March 2017.



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