Police Taser 11-Year-Old Autistic Girl Found Wandering Naked on Highway (VIDEO)

Police Taser Gun BeltASHLAND, OR — Drivers witnessed a young child wandering naked along the side of the highway. One driver, Adam Bednar, stopped his car and called police to help. That decision ended up being a painful one for the 11-year-old girl, who suffers from autism.

Bednar says that the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her. After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs. The child did not respond because of her learning disabilities.

“She seized up and she fell face first on the ground,” said Bednar.

The department backed up the officers’ actions by claiming the girl was going into traffic. But Adam Bednar, the eyewitness, says that is a lie. “She wasn’t going off the road, she was set on walking down the freeway,” he stated.

The girl’s father contacted Infowars to clarify some of the misleading reports being issued by the media. “They keep calling her a ‘woman’ …she is 11 years old. Since when is an 11-year-old kid with the mind of a 3-year-old a ‘woman’? She is very gentle and non combative. If the police cannot apprehend a child who is cooperative without Tasing then what would be the alternative? Shooting her?”

A compassionate person would have walked up to her and wrapped a blanket around her. A psychopath electrifies the helpless child with a taser.


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