Busted! Mug Shot Websites Feeling the Heat

Busted! Mug Shot Websites Feeling the Heat

Lawmakers and credit card companies are cracking down on sites that charge mug shot removal fees.

People are finding their faces posted all over the internet on mug shot websites with no regard to whether they were found innocent or guilty.

To have these photos removed can cost hundreds of dollars just for them to appear on one of the other numerous mug shot websites online.

However, some states are fighting back as reported by ABC’ Nightline:

When “Nightline” first told this story earlier this year, Georgia lawmaker Roger Bruce was pushing a bill that would make it a crime for a website to charge someone in Georgia to remove a mug shot photo. After our report, nearly every state lawmaker supported his bill and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed it into law. Georgia joins a handful of states now trying to protect residents who have booking photos.

You can watch the segment from Nightline, below:


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