Tea Party Leader Takes Credit For Election Win, Gives Boehner Stern Warning – VIDEO


Jenny Beth Martin, President and Co-Founder of the Tea Party Patriots, expressed concerns about Speaker Boehner’s legislative agenda, issuing him a stern warning after the midterm elections.

Speaking in a half-empty room at the National Press Club, Martin and six other leaders of conservative organizations, to include Citizens United, ConservativeHQ.com, Family Research Council, ForAmerica and the Susan B. Anthony List, all had strong words for Republican leaders.

Martin began her comments with the following warning:”For Republican leaders, Speaker John Boehner in the House [sic] and presumed-Majority Leader-to-be Mitch McConnell in the Senate I have two words: ‘earn this’. Live up to your promises.” [emphasis added]

She continued, stating:

Repeal Obamacare. Use reconciliation to pass a bill repealing Obamacare and put it on the president’s desk. Let him veto it and draw a line in the sand. Secure the border and block the president’s planned executive amnesty. Maintain the rule of law and prove that we as a country, as we have been for more than two centuries, are a nation of laws and not of men.
Last night, in what should have been the midst of what should have been a celebration, I had reason for concern because of a press release issued from Speaker Boehner’s office.
In this release, Speaker Boehner lays out an agenda for the 114th Congress. He says Republicans in the house will move jobs legislation and energy legislation and tax reform legislation and spending reform legislation and legal reform legislation and regulatory reform legislation and education reform legislation. Obamacare is mentioned nowhere. Neither is securing the borders or blocking the President’s planned executive amnesty.

I can tell you having traveled from New Hampshire to Oregon, from Nebraska to Texas, from Florida to Iowa in the last six months and working with Tea Party activists around the country at the local level and battleground states and districts there were two issues that motivated the grassroots activists that propelled you to victory Mr. Speaker: Obamacare and securing our border and blocking the planned executive amnesty.
One of two things is true. Either Obamacare and illegal immigration were left out of this press release deliberately or by mistake. If it was a mistake, the Speaker needs to make that clear immediately, by issuing a revised release today on the agenda for the next Congress that includes the these important issues.
If, on the other hand, it was done deliberately, then clearly we have a problem. The two issues that motivated the Tea Party activists to get their neighbors and friends to the polls in this election should be the two issues the Republican congress addresses immediately. The time is now. The American people have spoken. They have decisively rejected these policies. We are calling on Congress to act in a manner deserving of their majority. You need to live up to your promises. You need to earn this. [emphasis added]

You can watch her comments, below, courtesy of C-Span.

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