Passages From The King Trump Bible (Video)


Bill Maher took on Donald Trump‘s massive ego during Friday’s edition of “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Maher started the segment by discussing Trump’s recent claim that “The Art of the Deal” is one of the greatest books of all time – second to the Bible. This claim, however, puts Trump “into this pickle where he has to defend his knowledge of the Bible.”


A couple of weeks ago Trump was asked his favorite Bible verse, but refused to answer – claiming it was too private. Then last week he said his favorite Bible verse was from Proverbs – “never bend to envy.” However as it turns out – that verse doesn’t exist.

Maher goes on to tell the panel about a recent “great line” by Republican presidential hopeful, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is quoted as saying:  “It’s clear Donald Trump has never read the Bible. The reason we know he’s never read the Bible? He’s not in the Bible.”

As Real Time posted on their YouTube video, “Donald Trump insists that the Bible is his favorite book, but experts can’t identify any of the verses he’s been quoting. As it turns out, he’s been referring to his very own edition of the holy book, the King Trump Bible.”


This isn’t the first time Trump has been mocked for his lack of Bible knowledge. Back in August, Patheos reported that “Here’s a great reason to love Twitter. Since Donald Trump is professing his undying love of the Bible but thinks it’s too personal to share his favorite verse — because he doesn’t have one, because he doesn’t give two shits about the Bible — Twitter users have created the hashtag #TrumpBible and they’re coming up with some truly hilarious verses as Donald Trump would write them.”

Patheos then went on to list a few favorites, such as:

  • “Moses? Awful negotiator. ‘Let my people go’? If I’d been there, it would’ve been: ‘Hey, Pharoah. We’re leaving. Deal with it.'”
  • “Why’d God take a break while making the earth? Must’ve used union labor. I’d never make that mistake.”
  • “The meek shall inherit nothing. The meek are a bunch of loser dummies who should go back where they came from.”
  • “I would have rebuilt the walls of Jericho and made the Canaanites pay for it.”

You can watch Bill Maher reading some select passages from the King Trump Bible in the Real Time clip, below:

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