Trump And His Cronies Being Arrested In This Video Edit Is Amazing – Video

It’s Mueller Time! The bitter end of the Trump administration is perfectly captured in this amazing film edit.

As CNN reported Sunday night, “A mood of fateful anticipation is cloaking Washington, with possible arrests imminent after the federal grand jury in the Russia investigation approved its first charges.”

By taking one or more people into custody, a prospect first reported by CNN Friday, Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller would create a new, perilous reality for the White House, reflecting the gravity of the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and alleged collusion by President Donald Trump’s associates.

In light of the current national mood, now is the perfect time to revisit an amazing piece of film editing work showing leading figures of the Trump administration being arrested by agents of the FBI.

German cinematic artist and animator Hannes Appell is the creator of “It’s Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending,” which was published on his YouTube page on August 18, 2017.

Appell overlaid the faces of Trump administration officials on top of characters being arrested by the FBI from a video montage from the season finale of “Daredevil Season 1. “

The video begins with Gen. Flynn trying to outrun FBI agents there to arrest him and goes on to show the arrest of current and former administration officials such as Steve Bannon and a chattering Kellyanne Conway.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka can be seen smirking in the clip as her husband and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is led away by FBI agents in a parking garage for the Kushner Company.

A handcuffed Trump can be seen being led out of an official looking building [probably a courthouse] by a slew of FBI agents as the clip ends with a “Make America Great Again” banner taking over the screen.

Keith Olbermann marveled at the amazing details included in the clip, such as “Lock Her Up” graffiti on a gate viewed as Flynn tries to escape.

Then there is a Washington Post logo hanging from the rear view mirror of a car along with a “Comey is my Homey” stencil on the side of a building that refers to former FBI Director James Comey who was fired by Trump earlier this year.

Appell provided the following text description for the video:

It’s Mueller time!

This is for all those out there who cannot wait for the season ending of the gripping dumpster fire of a political shit show that is the current US administration.

Continuing, he dedicated the clip to ex-British spy Christopher Steele who compiled the now infamous Trump-Russia dossier along with “the Washington Post, the New York Times, our homey [James ]Comey, the daily [Stephen] Colbert monologues and of course the [Robert] Mueller himself, all those that make this current darkest timeline liveable until it collapses back unto itself.”

You can watch this amazing and inspirational clip, below:

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