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OP/Ed: Is Rudy Giuliani Secretly in Love with Vladimir Putin?  (VIDEO)

OP/Ed: Is Rudy Giuliani Secretly in Love with Vladimir Putin? (VIDEO)

From the March 3rd edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, Rudolph Giuliani was asked how President Obama would likely be dealing with the situation in Ukraine and with Vladimir Putin. Giuliani, shaking his head incredulously thinking of Obama, and seemingly gushing with man-love for Vladimir Putin stated: “Putin decides what he wants to do […]

Misogynist Bill O’Reilly: America Not Ready For Woman President? (VIDEO)

Cleopatra. Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Victoria. Catherine the Great. Margaret Thatcher. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Brazilian President President Dilma Rousseff. Thai President Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. History is rife with strong, effective female leaders, but resident Fox News misogynist Bill O’Reilly questions whether the US is ready for a president who happens to have a vagina. On the February 26 […]

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Fox News Benghazi Fest Includes Attacks on Jon Stewart & Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Fox News has been having a field day this week regarding the Benghazi hearings claiming – yep, you guessed it – liberal media bias. On Wednesday, Fox News The Five even went so far as to include attacks on Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow who had called them out earlier in the week on their […]

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Erik Rush Tweets All Muslims Should Be Killed in Response To Boston Explosions

FOX News contributor Erik Rush tweeted that Muslim terrorists are to blame for the Boston explosions. He has no evidence to back up his claim. His remedy for the violence in Boston is to kill all Muslims. If you scroll down his Twitter feed, you will find messages of hate and blame. What a sad and irresponsible example […]

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Fox News Guest Recounts ‘Smelling God’ During Near Death Experience (VIDEO)

Crystal McVea, author of Waking Up In Heaven, was a guest on Fox & Friends Tuesday evening claiming she smelled God during a near death experience. Considering Fox News’ track record, the claim itself was not overly surprising except for the fact that this was during what Fox News likes to call its “straight news” […]

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