Conservative Host Shreds Trump – Receiving Nomination Would Be ‘Disastrous For Years To Come’

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Donald Trump is leading a modern “know nothing movement” from the Middle Ages imperiling the entire Republican Party in the process according to S.E. Cupp.

Leading conservative political commentator and writer S.E. Cupp is speaking out against Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Cupp, a regular guest host on the Fox News program Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld, makes the case for Republicans to push for Trump to run as a third-party candidate – thus forfeiting the presidency in exchange for the survival of the Republican Party itself.

Noting that were Trump to get the Republican nomination, “we’ll have Democrats like [Hillary] Clinton in the White House for the next 50 years,” Cupp addressed her concerns in a Townhall article entitled: “Run,Trump, Run! (As an Independent).”

Cupp readily concedes it likely that Trump would “pull enough votes away from Republicans to ensure a Democratic victory,” Cupp states that “as a conservative who would very much like to see a Republican win the White House again in the future, I’m increasingly thinking this [Trump running as an independent] is the best thing for the party, even if it means a certain victory for Democrats.”

Pointing out that: “No third-party candidate has ever won the presidency, but some have been disruptive enough to cause considerable consternation for the other parties,” Cupp writes of Ross Perot being “regularly blamed — or credited — with George H.W. Bush’s loss to Bill Clinton,” in 1992 and of “another memorable election” in 1856 when the conservative Whig Party “disintegrated and two new parties formed to compete against the Democrats,” one the Republican Party, and the other the anti-immigrant American Party, also known as the Know Nothing Party.

As support for her supposition, Cupp goes on to blast Trump, linking him to the “Know Nothing” movement:

Trump actually is leading a modern-day “Know Nothing” movement. His anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim hatemongering are at least out of the 1850s if not the Middle Ages, and it has no place in today’s Republican Party. His ideas are usually unconstitutional, un-American or un-conservative — and very often an alarming hat trick of all three. Whatever group he claims to represent should have to embrace his dimwitted and divisive proposals without the imprimatur of the Republican Party or the conservative movement. And Republicans shouldn’t have to defend religious tests, internment camps or Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” just because Trump and his goon surrogates do.

Noting that “Democrats are convincingly using Trump to paint the entire Republican Party as racist, xenophobic and misogynistic,” Cupp goes on to warn conservatives that “The damage Trump has already done to the Republican brand is immeasurable. A Republican nomination would be disastrous for years to come.”

Chillingly, she continues, writing that “it’s not just the Republican brand he is shredding to smithereens. It’s also America’s. His suggestion that we ban Muslims from entering the country obviously didn’t go over well with our Arab allies, but it didn’t go over well with our European ones either.”

“British Prime Minister David Cameron, who rarely comments on U.S. presidential candidates, condemned the remarks as ‘divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong,'” she writes. “A petition in Britain to ban Trump has earned 300,000 signatures. From France to Germany, his rhetoric received swift rebuke.”

She continued, writing that:

Most chilling, in Israel Trump earned comparisons to Hitler. “For some Jews,” wrote Chemi Shalev in Haaretz, “the sight of thousands of supporters waving their fists in anger as Trump incited against Muslims … could have evoked associations with beer halls in Munich a century ago.” A German headline read “How Donald Trump is Betraying America.”

She concludes by writing that conservatives should push Trump to cede the Republican Party’s nomination that: “Donald Trump’s near-nihilistic determination to destroy the Republican Party shouldn’t get any more help from Republicans. I know it’s a painful prospect — but we may have to lose this one to ever win again.”

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