Watch Ted Lieu Drop A Major Truth-Bomb On Trump – ‘This train has left the station. There’s nothing this president can do to stop it.’

Ted Lieu and others are hitting Trump with a healthy dose of reality regarding the ongoing future of the Robert Mueller investigation. 

Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration; and today is no exception in the wake of reports that Trump tried to fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in December and is currently considering firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rep. Lieu held a press conference Thursday morning, during which he warned Trump that career prosecutors and FBI agents would continue any investigation even if he fired “some of the Republicans at the top.”

“The prosecutors and FBI agents at the Department of Justice here in DC, the Brooklyn prosecutors, the prosecutors at the Southern District of New York, and all those FBI agents, they understand that their oath is to the Constitution,” Lieu said. “Their investigation keeps on going.”

“This train has left the station. There is nothing this president can do to stop it because even if he were to replace some of the Republicans at the top, the career professionals keep on going,” he continued.

As Law & Crime reported, “Lieu isn’t the only one saying this. Former FBI special agent, lawyer, and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa said the same thing on CNN Wednesday morning.”

“These investigations will go on” regardless of who Trump might fire, Rangappa said.

“There are a lot of threads that Mueller is investigating and one thing that the American public and the president needs to understand is that if he gets rid of Mueller or Rosenstein, these cases will continue to move forward.”

Continuing, she stated that regardless of whether there was someone leading the investigation or not: “The wheels are in motion, we have different agencies potentially involved, like Treasury looking at tax stuff. Once the wheels of justice start turning – I think that people don’t understand that – there is always a next logical step and if you don’t follow it you have to justify it.”

Vice News weighed in, as well on Wednesday, reporting that “Trump may think he can end all his growing legal problems by firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller. He can’t.”

Vice News went on to explain there are multiple investigations in different jurisdictions looking at Trump associates which “means that if Trump fires Rosenstein and Mueller, those other investigations won’t just go away. Trump would have to fire the other prosecutors and a host of other Justice Department officials.”

Continuing, Vice News reported that:

A slew of other people have also signed off on parts of the investigations. Because Cohen is a lawyer, searching his office and hotel requires approval from not only the New York prosecutor but also officials from the criminal division of the Justice Department in Washington. A judge would also have to sign off on a warrant for the search. All those people could still push the investigation onward.

“Technically, either of these two US attorneys in New York could be fired as well,” Ric Simmons, a former federal prosecutor and a law professor at Ohio State University, told me. “But firing them in response to investigations into Trump’s lawyer and son-in-law would look almost as bad as firing the special counsel.”

That’s a lot of firing, and legal experts say any lawyers still left in those offices would probably continue the cases. Trump and his closest aides, in other words, would still be in federal crosshairs.

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