Hellfire Rains Down On Trump

Former Canadian diplomat makes the case for foreign intervention to save America from the Trump regime.

American allies are getting sick and tired of Trump and his antics, from his withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Paris Agreement and his violation of the Iran Nuclear deal to his recent trade wars and policy of separating migrant children from their parents as a means of deterring immigration.

Former Canadian diplomat, Scott Gilmore, has written extensively for McLean’s Magazine about the Trump regime, proposing a variety of suggestions for pushing back against his lawless administration. And it’s not like he doesn’t have experience having served as a political officer for Global Affairs Canada, for the United Nations’ Office of the National Security Advisor, and as the Deputy Director for Asia for Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Gilmore has written of Trump’s “diplomatic treason,” writing: “Trump’s foreign policy moves have hurt U.S. influence in return for no benefit. It is beyond bad.” He has written several article dealing with Trump’s corruption and how foreign government are learning that bribery is the best way of negotiating with his regime. Recently, he penned an article calling on Canadians to boycott Trump organization companies and any other companies providing their products or services.

Most recently, he wrote an article making the case for invading America.

While he uses a bit of humor at the very beginning of the article, his article is a serious analysis of the Trump regime and makes a compelling case for foreign intervention to save America from Trump’s lawless administration.

He begins with a quick summary of Canada’s relationship with the United States, writing:

Future historians will never be able to claim we didn’t try. As Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said at the end of the recent disastrous G7 summit (and while carefully avoiding the present tense) Canada is “the closest and strongest ally the United States has had.”

And it has not been easy; a more belligerent, loud and difficult neighbour would be hard to find. But we have remained unfailingly calm, helpful and even polite. We were there to accept their wayward American aircraft after 9/11. We fought and died beside them in Europe, Korea and Afghanistan.

He goes on to discuss the near-breakdown of diplomacy between the United States and Canada and most of the rest of the world, writing that “unfortunately, those days are past. Relations between Washington and Ottawa (and Mexico City, and Berlin, and London, and Paris, and Canberra, and Tokyo, and Seoul, and almost everywhere else except Moscow) have reached rock bottom.”

Continuing, he wrote that: “Every effort has been made, through multilateral channels, bilateral visits [and] shuttle diplomacy” to sort out the current diplomatic meltdown, “but none of these strategies have worked.”

After jokingly suggesting that Canada invade the United States, he turns to the problem at hand, offering a detailed analysis.

Gilmore begins by providing three reasons an invasion is necessary:

  1. American has become a failed state.” Gilmore writes that Trump and his fellow Republicans are unwilling to work with Democrats, leading to “the collapse” of the country’s “political institutions,” that “laws cannot be passed, ambassadors cannot be appointed,” and “even basic health care cannot be provided” to all of America’s citizens.
  2. Corruption has reached third world levels.” Gilmore writes that “Congressmen and Senators spend so much time and effort collecting bribes… that they no longer have time to debate policy or legislation.” Continuing, he points out that Trump “has left himself wide open to allegations he is on the take, negotiating lucrative real estate deals for himself while he appoints family members to positions of power and influence.”
  3. The American government is no longer able to keep Americans safe. Concluding his list, Gilmore writes that “Drugs and guns flow over their southern frontier and asylum seekers flee over their northern frontier. Due to an unchecked arms trade there are now more firearms in the United States than in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Syria combined. [Trump] himself has declared Afghanistan is safer than Chicago. Sadly, this also means the American government is not even able to protect schools, which now endure mass shootings on a nearly weekly basis.”

Turning to the rest of the world, he writes that the international community has an obligation to step in and save America.

  • “We must also agree the international community is obligated to intervene in order to protect vulnerable groups. Most notable of these are African Americans.”
  • “Other ethnic populations are also facing growing abuse and discrimination, most notably Muslims, who the president has repeatedly sought to ban from entering the country.”
  • “The growing human rights abuses provide another reason why an invasion is necessary. The state terrifies its own citizens with an incarceration rate higher than Cuba, China, North Korea or Iran. Extra-judicial killings by the police happen on average three times a day.”

Turning his attention to our national embarrassment, Gilmore discusses Trump’s reckless and dangerous strategy of threatening world peace.

  • “There is, of course, the WMD issue. We do not need to hold up any phony vials of evidence at the UN to justify this invasion. The country openly flaunts its stocks of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. And the man who controls them has proven less predictable than Saddam Hussein or even Muammar Gaddafi.”
  • “Trump regularly boasts of his willingness to use these weapons and that his ‘red button’ is bigger than anyone else’s… The world cannot rest until these weapons are out of the hands of this unstable and volatile leader.”

Gilmore concluded his article writing that, although the idea of foreign intervention in internal politics in the United States might seem a “drastic step,” sadly it is one that is necessary to help save America from its current condition.

  • Once stabilization operations are complete, we can begin a nation-building campaign so they finally obtain the peace, order and good governance they have longed for over so many years. We will be greeted as liberators.
  • We will launch training programs to explain gender equality, democracy and climate science. A UN-monitored election will ensure fair play, eliminate gerrymandering, and prevent Moscow from interfering again. We can make much needed infrastructure investments in American airports that will finally allow them to connect to the outside world (and in pipelines so they can connect to our oil). With enough NGOs, aid workers, contractors and cash we can finally bring peace to the region, usher the United States into the community of nations, and create new markets for our cheese and cheese-related products.

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