Michael Cohen’s Attorney Just Drove A Stake Into The Hearts Of Trump’s Legal Team

Rudy Giuliani

BREAKING: This is a big Deal. Cohen’s Attorney just drove a stake into the hearts of the Trump Legal team.” ~ Brian Krassenstein, Twitter

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told ABC host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday’s edition of “This Week,” that he had no concerns regarding Cohen’s possible cooperation with federal investigators amid speculation that Cohen’s arrest was imminent.

“So you have no concerns at all about anything that Michael Cohen might tell the prosecutors?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“Zero. None,” said Giuliani. “As long as he tells the truth, we’re — we’re home free,” adding: “I have no concerns that Michael Cohen is going to do anything but tell the truth, and if he does, as I said, there’s no suggestion that anything happened.”

However, as Hill Reporter noted: “His new attorney, Lanny Davis, a former White House Special Counsel, isn’t pulling any punches.”

Continuing, Hill Reporter referenced a Sunday tweet by Davis responding to Giuliani’s claim.

“Did @rudygiuliani really say on Sunday shows that @michaelcohen212 should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? Seriously? Is that Trump and Giuliani definition of “truth”? Trump/Giuliani next to the word “truth” = oxymoron. Stay tuned. #thetruthmatters” he tweeted.

Hill Reporter also noted that: “two sources close to Michael Cohen have told [CNN chief political analyst] Gloria Borger that Cohen has a very clear message for President Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani: ‘The truth is not you or your client’s friend.'”

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti, a frequent critic of the Trump administration, weighed in as well – stating that it was high time for Cohen to put his money where his mouth is and start cooperating.

“Stay tuned? This isn’t some game or opp to tease for a reality show. This is serious business. If Cohen has info, he needs to share it NOW with the American people. He can’t standby while more damage is done & then later claim he’s a hero because he cut a plea to save himself,” he tweeted in response to Davis’ earlier tweet.

Avenatti has also been wary of Cohen’s motivation in publicly stating his intention to cooperate with Mueller’s team.

Below is an exchange on Twitter from earlier in the day on Sunday.

Davis tweeted: “Why is my representing @MichaelCohen212 as attorney of such high interest? Not about me. It’s about a nation’s yearning for truth. And Michael Cohen has said it’s time for him to speak the truth and put his family and Country first. I am glad to help him.”

And Avenatti responded: “@LannyDavis Your flowery language and drumbeat of supposed patriotism is phony. Mr.
Cohen needs to come clean NOW if he “loves this country.” There is nothing stopping him. If he instead waits until after his arrest, America will know you and your client played them. #Basta”

Former criminal investigator and defense attorney, Seth Abramson, weighed in on the news as well, posting “A LIST OF MICHAEL COHEN’S LIES,” beginning with the following statement: “Now that Cohen’s attorney has called Trump a liar on Twitter—and now that Cohen has signaled his willingness to cooperate with Mueller—you need to know the many lies Cohen has told which he’ll shortly retract.”

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