The Joke Is On Trump As Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok Gets The Last Laugh

FOX NEWS: Fireworks at Strzok hearing as GOP reps fume at anti-Trump FBI agent, threaten contempt

Peter Strzok managed to get the last laugh after Trump took to Twitter to gloat about his recent firing from the FBI. 

Peter Strzok took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to thank his many supporters in the wake of overwhelming success of a GoFundMe page set up in his name.

“Stunned and humbled by the extraordinary outpouring of support already received from thousands of fellow everyday citizens taking time to fight for our country and our shared American ideals. Thank you,” he tweeted without mentioning the fundraising campaign directly.

The Hill reported that Strzok posted the tweet as the fundraising campaign “had exceeded its original goal of $150,000 by more than $100,000 in just 23 hours,” adding that “Its new goal is $350,000.”

That was Tuesday morning, but by Tuesday night the campaign has raised more than $371,000 and the goal has been raised to $500,000.

The GoFundMe page states that: “All funds raised on this GoFundMe will be put into a trust dedicated to covering Pete’s hefty – and growing – legal costs and his lost income.”

The GoFundMe page later added that:

Unlike those who typically become the focus of partisan investigations in Washington, Pete is not politically connected, he’s not a wealthy lobbyist and he’s not interested in using his notoriety for personal gain. Because of this, he doesn’t have deep pockets that allow him to pay for the significant legal bills he has incurred to defend himself and the FBI against these political attacks, or to easily cover the expenses incurred by his lost income.

We are asking you to support a man who has dedicated his life to defending America; to stand up for the freedoms on which this country was built and a government that truly serves the people by protecting all Americans, including dedicated government employees, from constantly being subjected to the whims and influence of politicians.

Trump was quick to respond to news of Strzok’s firing tweeting “finally” and asking whether the “Witch Hunt” will be dropped.

However, looking at the success of the GoFundMe campaign – it would appear that Peter Strzok is getting the last laugh.

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