FBI Agents Fire Back At Trump

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FBI agents are responding to Trump’s latest wave of attacks on the agency in the wake of recent developments in the Russia investigation and administration concerns regarding 25th Amendment remedies.

Trump lashed out at the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation during a Friday campaign rally held in Missouri, vowing to get rid of the “lingering stench” in the FBI.

“Look what’s being exposed at the Department of Justice and the FBI. You have some real bad ones. You see what’s happening at the FBI — they’re all gone, they’re all gone,” he said told the crowd, adding: “But there’s a lingering stench and we’re going to get rid of that too.”

The FBI Agents Association, representing more than 14,000 active and former special agents, hit back on their Twitter account Saturday morning, telling the world that nothing will stop them from protecting the American people.

“As we have said, Attacks on our character and demeaning comments about the FBI will not deter Agents from continuing to do what we have always done—dedicate our lives to protecting the American people,” they tweeted.

Their post also included a link to a December 19, 2017 press release where they also felt it necessary to respond to Trump’s attacks on the organization.

Titled “The Real Story of the FBI: Professionalism and Results,” that press release began with a reminder that FBI agents are “effectively discharging” their solemn duties.”

The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) is the only professional organization dedicated to representing FBI Special Agents. As the voice of more than 14,000 active and retired FBI Special Agents, FBIAA can state unequivocally that Agents are effectively discharging their solemn duty to protect our country from criminals and terrorists.

As Special Agents, we swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution, and to defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. This oath is more than words, it is the tie that binds Special Agents together and the foundation for the high standards of professionalism that we must satisfy. The procedures for enforcing these standards are rigorous and effective, and the public can rest assured that the Bureau employs the world’s finest law enforcement professionals.

Continuing, the press release responded to attacks by team Trump:

Attacks on our character and demeaning comments about the FBI will not deter Agents from continuing to do what we have always done—dedicate our lives to protecting the American people. The true story of the FBI cannot be reduced to partisan talking points. The true story of the FBI is the work done by nearly 13,000 Special Agents and the 22,000 non-Agent FBI professionals spread around the country and the globe in 56 field offices, 355 resident agencies and over 60 legal attaché offices connected to U.S. embassies. The true story of the FBI are the partnerships that Special Agents have with State and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country, and the over 50,000 law enforcement executives from the U.S. and over 170 countries who received training at the FBI National Academy.

Noting that “Ultimately, the true story of the FBI is about real results and not sound-bites,” the press release detailed some of the success stories out of the bureau as per the the Office of the Inspector General’s 2016 annual audit  which “made it clear how effective the FBI’s work can be in just a single year.”

  • Terrorism—460 disruptions of terrorist plots or organizations
  • Counterintelligence—133 counterintelligence cases involving espionage against the U.S.
  • Cyber—250 successful disruptions and dismantlements of cyber threats connected to criminal enterprises and national security activities, together with “noteworthy progress towards neutralizing global cybercrime.”
  • Criminal enterprises—22 high-priority drug trafficking organizations dismantled and 72 organizations disrupted, 118 violent gang criminal enterprises dismantled and 1,345 gang enterprises disrupted, and 342 white-collar criminal enterprises dismantled

The FBI concluded their remarks, stating: “Controversies of the day fade, but the sworn duty of Special Agents endures. Special Agents are focused on the Constitution and protecting the public. Their work should be recognized, not denigrated.”


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