Texas Effort To Suppress Veterans Voting Rights (VIDEO)


John Franks is a veteran who lives in Texas. He tried to vote with his VA government ID card and was told time and again by a judge that he was not permitted to vote because he didn’t have proper identification.

Eventually, after threatening a lawsuit, he was finally allowed to vote but as he said in an exclusive statement to Liberals Unite, he fears other vets might be too intimidated and leave if a judge tells them they can’t vote.

“I was told at least a half dozen times I couldn’t vote by three different people. There were **male staff** and they were circling off screen. I definitely felt intimidated by the whole process
I am very aware of what is happening to voter rights here in Texas. It worries me greatly.
When I was working with the VA for medical issues and anxiety issues from service, I was an inpatient at the VA for a few months. I met hundreds of fellow vets and had group therapy with hundreds more. MOST were facing extreme financial difficulties while working through the VA in regards to pension issues.
Many could not get a license in Texas because of tickets and or suspension of their Texas driver’s licenses. I personally had to pay $600.00 to a local police department to get them to release my license because I had an outstanding ticket for “expired registration”  SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!! for one lousy ticket (failure to appear charges were added).

Many vets shared stories of being arrested several times for driving while license suspended and they owed thousands of dollars.
A driver’s license is Texas is considered a privilege and not a right and by denying access to a driver’s license due to fines leveled at financially ruined soldiers they also are denying them access to the polls.
And as far as getting a voter certificate they are issued by the DPS (Dept. of Public Safety). If I had sought one before I paid the 600.00 I owed I would have been jailed at the DPS until I paid the money. (I learned this the hard way)
It’s real and it’s happening in Texas
They can turn unpaid tickets into a poll tax. And poor people won’t get a voter certificate because they had to choose between eating or voting and yes even going to jail while seeking a voting certificate
After this all happened they got on the phone – after I threatened them with a lawsuit – and all the sudden I could vote.”

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