Question For Conservatives About Government Mandated Assault


I posted this question on my Facebook page and didn’t get any responses from conservatives.

I am sincereley curious and would like an answer.

You love to sing the “smaller government” song.

That song goes a little like this:

There should not be any background checks for guns because THE 2nd AMENDMENT.

Okay – not that I agree with you on that – but with that logic – how do you justify medically unnecessary ultrasounds before a LEGAL abortion? We all know the reasoning behind them: guilt and shame. Legislators forcing a woman to have an ultrasound that even her doctor says she doesn’t need is government mandated rape.

Here’s the FBI’s definition.

Now, explain to me how a government mandated procedure such as this is “smaller government.”

Before you comment, and I hope you do, please note this question is not about abortion. It’s not about whether abortion is legal or should be legal.

The question at hand is:

How does attempting to shame a woman equate to smaller government?

And last – If and when a doctor is forced by government to insert a device before a woman is permitted to terminate a pregnancy, this is not consent. It is forced consent. It is forcing a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an unwanted and unnecessary procedure by having her physician essentially assault her.

So please, stick to the topic at hand and explain how all of that is smaller government.

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