The Dangerous Extremism Of The Republican Base – VIDEO



A new YouGov poll revealed that nearly half of Republicans would support the concept of a right-wing military takeover.

“Republicans (43 percent) are more than twice as likely as Democrats (20 percent) to say that they could conceive of a situation in which they would support a military coup in the United States.”

More specifically, only 32 percent of Republicans reveal they would not conceive of a situation in which they would support a military action to overthrow the government. Conversely, there’s no evidence that Democrats have even entertained the notion of a military takeover – no matter who is in the White House – not even when George W. Bush was president.

From YouGov: “The latest research shows that officers in the military are held in much greater esteem than their civilian superiors and that they are widely viewed as having the best interests of the country in mind instead of their own selfish concerns.  70% of Americans believe that military officers generally want what is best for the country. When it comes to Congressmen, however, 71% of Americans believe that they want what is best for themselves, along with 59% for local politicians.”

The last several years have resulted in GOP voters feeling as if any opposition to a right-wing ideology is considered unpatriotic – yet they endorse a military action more commonly seen in totalitarian police states. Hmmm. What’s been different in the last several years? Let’s see . . . Barack Obama’s skin color might have something to do with it. I dunno. Just a guess.

In case you weren’t properly horrified by this information, a Washington Post poll reveals Republicans will calm down if they can successfully elect a president they’re happy with:

  • Republicans say by 64-35 that Trump is “qualified to serve as president.”
  • Republicans say by 60-35 that Trump is “honest and trustworthy.”
  • Republicans say by 53-45 that Trump understands the problems of people like them.
  • Republicans say by 54-42 that Trump “has the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president.”

The takeaway? If the GOP can achieve their dream of a Trump presidency, they won’t worry about a military coup.

If this doesn’t scare the sh*t out of you, nothing will. Vote blue or The Donald might be your Commander In Chief.

You can watch a clip from The Young Turks, below:

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