Is Reince Priebus Suffering From Low Testosterone?

Reince Priebus looks sad and defensive, and that might mean he suffers from Low T.

Priebus is the chairperson of the Republican National Committee. That’s a pretty impressive title and one that would make most people very happy. So happy in fact, they would be smiling all the time. Literally. All. Of. The. Time. But Reince doesn’t look very happy. He often looks sad or angry.

It is entirely possible Priebus is suffering from low testosterone, and if that is the case, his apparent depression makes sense.

According to symptoms of decreased testosterone in men include a low sex drive, sleep apnea, decreased body hair and low sperm count. No doubt those symptoms alone would make someone Priebus’ age sad, but the site also specifies “emotional changes” as a result of low testosterone saying:

“In addition to causing physical changes, having low levels of testosterone can affect you on an emotional level. The condition can lead to feelings of sadness or depression. It can also degrade your overall sense of well-being. Some people have trouble with memory and concentration and experience lowered motivation and self-confidence.

“Testosterone is a hormone that affects emotional regulation. Depression has been linked to men with low testosterone. This could result from a combination of the irritability, decreased sex drive, and fatigue that can come with low testosterone.”

I’m not a scientist, specialist or a doctor — nor do I play any of them on TV, but if the scowls we see on Priebus are due to low testosterone, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He can visit his doctor and find out all the nifty ways he can balance his hormones. That and a proper diet with lots of fiber will keep him regular and I am guessing once he gets all of this under control, there will be so much smiling, you’ll get sick of all the smiling. Believe me.

Smile Reince, there is help!

For those who take everything literally, note this is a sarcastic response to Reince Priebus’ sexist tweet about Hillary Clinton. (But I may actually be onto something about this low testosterone theory because Reince looks sad and defensive a lot – then again, it might be because the Republican presidential candidate is a liar, a fascist, a sexist, a bigot, and a white supremacist; and he’s making the entire party look really, really bad — and there’s not damn thing Reince can do about it.)

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