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Bill O’Reilly  And Jon Stewart Clash Over ‘White Privilege’ (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly And Jon Stewart Clash Over ‘White Privilege’ (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart faced off about the existence of “white privilege’ on Wednesdays Daily Show. Things got heated as the two of them repeatedly talked over each other and made snide remarks for most of the 12-minute segment. At one point, Bill O’Reilly engaged the audience directly exclaiming: “You think I’m sitting here […]

Chris Wallace Tells Ben Carson He Doesn’t Really Have A Chance In 2016 (VIDEO)

Fox News host Chis Wallace told Fox contributor presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson that “at best you are a distinct long shot” during a Sunday morning interview. Wallace asked Carson: You say, and this is a quote, ‘The likelihood is strong’ that you will run for president in 2016. Do you really want to spend […]

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Confronted With Obamacare Success, Creator Of Death Panels Lie Walks Out Of Interview – VIDEO

Elizabeth “Betsy” McCaughey has flip-flopped on her political affiliation over the years, but not in her pursuit of destroying any hopes for national health care or selling herself out to big business interests along the way. The served as the Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1995 to 1998 during the first term of Governor […]

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Elizabeth Warren Slams Mitch McConnell & Tells Americans To DEMAND Change (VIDEO)

She clearly has so much passion for this country, and continuously turns that passion into action. Since the first day she took office, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has fearlessly gone after the nation’s most powerfully corrupt, and has proven she is there, without a doubt, for the people. In this interview with Bill Moyers on […]

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That One Time David Letterman Stormed Out Of An Interview With Joan Rivers

Like her or hate her, she made many people laugh. The first clip is her getting grilled by a CNN interviewer and responding, rather in style, to some arrows being tossed at her. It’s actually pretty refreshing to hear her not put up with the line of questioning. That clip is here. Then a few […]

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