Man Impersonating Army Veteran Exposed By Actual Soldier May Face Federal Charges


WCAU-TV has reported that a 30-year-old Pennsylvania man, who was caught on camera impersonating an Army Ranger, may face a federal investigation.

The video exposing the imposter was posted by 26-year-old Army Sgt. Ryan Berk. Berk earned a Purple Heart award for his service in Afghanistan. He spotted the fake ranger while shopping and noticed inconsistencies on his uniform.

Berk decided to call the man over to introduce him to his son and immediately started firing off questions. The video that was posted on November 28  has had over 3 million views .

The Bucks County Courier Times has identified the fake soldier as Sean Yetman and reported that Yetman pleaded guilty in 2003 to charges of impersonating a public servant because he wore a coat that belonged to Philadelphia police officer Robert Hays. Hays died in the line of duty in 1995.

Berk began by asking about Yetman’s service record and his uniform. The conversation went on for a few minutes and it soon became clear that Yetman was lying.

When Berk was convinced that Yetman was a fraud, he yelled out, “Stolen Valor!”  The Stolen Valor Act is a law that was passed in 2013 making anyone caught receiving tangible benefits while impersonating a service member can be subject to federal criminal charges.

“To have this guy then pretend that he’s done the same thing on the caliber that my friends did, it just gets you infuriated,” Berk said.

The New York Daily News reported that state Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R) contacted federal investigators after he watched the video and the Army confirmed that Yetman is not affiliated with the military.

The Courier Times reported that a woman who answered the door at Yetman’s residence says he has lost his job since the video came out.

In an email to army Times, Yetman’s fiancee wrote “We are now hearing death threats. All of this has us concerned for our children and their safety. He is a good man with a very big heart and this backlash has spiraled him into a deep depression.”

Watch the video:

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