Self-Proclaimed American Redneck Says White People Are Racist (VIDEO)


A self-proclaimed redneck by the name of Dixon White has been posting videos to YouTube and talks about racism in America. He says, “White people are racist. Not all of them. But white culture is . . . or white country is . . . our nation is. Our American culture is full of white supremacy.”

White, a self described “country boy,” sits in his Ford F150 and speaks his truth. He tells us that he was a racist for many years and he’s used the “N” word.

He says “I think maybe it’s about time we stop being lazy as white people and take some f***ing responsibility.”

White makes no apology for the fact he’s a redneck. He aknowledges he has haters and doesn’t care.

“There’s a new south, a new America – that’s called white racial responsibility. And it’s time we all took some, y’all!”

Watch all of his videos here: W Honky


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