8th Grader Impersonates Presidential Candidates In Graduation Speech – Crowd Cheers

This entertaining Chicago teen has a bright future in show business!

When Chicago student Jack Aiello graduated the eighth grade, he delivered a unique and highly entertaining speech honoring the 2016 election year. Aiello charmed the audience with impersonations of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and President Obama.

From Trump’s self-aggrandizing praise to Sander’s accent and buzz words to Cruz’s impossible sincerity to Clinton’s exaggerated talking points, it’s clear Aiello not only follows the presidential candidates and their platforms, he has a terrific future as an entertainer if he chooses to take that path.

Aiello as Trump:

“We’re learning languages from Spain, from France, from Germany and China. You know, people say I don’t like China, I love China. I mean, I love China. I mean, I have so many terrific friends in China. But I took Spanish and let me just tell you, by the way, that it was fantastic. Muy fantastico.”

His parents told 5NBC Chicago that he’s been doing impersonations for years and that he’s very interested in politics.

“He’s been doing them since he was very young — family members, teachers, he even makes up his own silly voices and he’s been doing that for a very long time,” said his mother, Carla Aiello. “And then with the election, he watches the news clips and he just absorbs everything.”

“As far as schools go, TMS is in the top one half of one half of one percent of schools in the entire country,” Aiello said as Bernie Sanders.

Not surprisingly, the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Watch Aiello’s awesome graduation performance below:

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