I Didn’t Get Elizabeth Warren, You Didn’t Get Bernie Sanders. I Got Over It. You Should Too.

“Bernie Sanders himself is onboard with her; whatever is still driving your anger, it isn’t logical.”

Bruce Lindner publicly posted the following message on his Facebook page. I agree with him, so I’m reposting it here:

“A friend on the other side of the country messaged me yesterday, and that message was clear: Why aren’t you calling out Hillary Clinton in your posts for rigging the primaries?

In his defense, he’s a good guy, filled with passion, and he’ll no doubt read this sometime today. At least I hope he does. If he feels the urge to correct anything I’ve written here, the door’s open. But I’ll respect his privacy by not revealing his name.

His point: There was hanky-panky with the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, which we all know about. Ergo, Hillary Clinton was involved. I asked him what evidence he had that Hillary was in on that. That’s when he raked me over the coals (even accusing me of “sophistry.”)

He shared several links to articles backing up his claim that the election had to have been rigged (including one that did a study that concluded the chances the election WASN’T rigged, was 1 in 77 billion. I Lol’ed at that one). He referred to these articles as “facts.” I reminded him that one person’s facts just might be someone else’s fiction.

I stuck to my guns. Yes, the Wasserman-Schultz story was shabby. Very inappropriate, and now she’s gone as a result. But again, where’s the evidence HRC even knew about it? Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t, but without evidence (let alone PROOF), you’ve got nothing. It might have been a case of plausible deniability or it just might be—wait for it—that she was completely unaware. Do I think Hillary Clinton is squeaky-clean? Hell no. There’s never been an American politician born yet that doesn’t have skeletons they’d prefer remain closeted.

We went back and forth, and I finally asked him: “Why do you care what I think?” His answer: “Because you’re a thoughtful, influential guy.” So apparently, his intent was to influence me with links to other people’s opinions, hilariously skewed though they were, so that I in turn would influence my readers into seeing how the corrupt Clintons rigged the system.

Swing and a miss.

So to him and all my other friends who are still caterwauling over the events of the primary outcome, what’s your point? This is now a binary choice: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Sure, you can vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson if it soothes your seething soul, neither of whom will win a SINGLE electoral vote. And unless you win 270, you go home with bupkis.

I’ll remind him once again that my first preference for president was neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton, it was Elizabeth Warren. But once she said she wasn’t interested in running, I resigned myself to the will of the Democratic electorate. And many of you know, I struggled like a madman to keep the Hillary hate and Bernie bashing off my threads this past year, because I knew this divide might undermine us come November. So now that we’re rounding the final turn, for the sake of our great-great-grandchildren, at least TRY to get over it. Bernie Sanders has.

The Democrats have chosen Hillary Clinton to go up against the Orange Fascist. I didn’t get Elizabeth Warren, you didn’t get Bernie Sanders. I got over it. You should too. I will support Hillary Clinton with everything I’ve got, and no, I don’t share your views that she’s the Cruella De Ville of Washington.

Any liberal who continues to argue about Hillary’s “crimes” 90 days before the General Election, or tries to pressure me into re-posting his specious arguments to that end, isn’t seeing the big picture. It’s either going to be him, or it’s going to be her. And since Bernie Sanders himself is onboard with her, whatever is still driving your anger, it isn’t logical. It’s emotional, and it’s potentially damaging.”

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