Paul Ryan Gets Pummeled By Angry Conservatives – Check It Out!

Paul Ryan

Republicans Love To Hate Paul Ryan – Take A Look At These Examples.

All hell has been breaking loose the last few weeks regarding Speaker Ryan’s inability to lead Congressional Republicans towards any legislative victories.

Of particular concern is Ryan’s inability to push through Trumpcare, the Republican repeal and replace plan for Obamacare last month.

Conservative radio host and frequent Fox News guest Dana Loesch called the bill “a swamp monster,” “an insult to the American people,” and “a giant middle finger to America.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Ryan last month for the GOP’s failure to come up with a cohesive bill. “It’s been seven years to the month since Obamacare passed, and I guess the obvious question is why in all that time couldn’t Republicans formulate a plan most of them could agree on before going public with it?” Carlson said, adding “It looks like chaos, why is that?”

Carlson also pressured Ryan regarding his do-nothing Congress, asking him why the House is scheduled to work only 8 days in April although the GOP-led Congress has had difficulty enacting Trump’s agenda. Carlson went on to point out that Congress was able to enact much of Obama’s agenda the first couple of months of his presidency, repeatedly asking Ryan to point to any significant pieces of legislation that have been signed into law by Trump, with Ryan unable to point to even one example.

Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled Ryan a couple of weeks ago over Trumpcare, taking him to task over the fact that an estimated 24 million people were estimated to lose their healthcare under the plan. ““You said that part of that is that this is what freedom looks like. But is the major decrease in the number of people — according to the CBO — who will have health insurance, is it freedom or is it that some people will no longer be able to afford health insurance under your plan?,” Wallace asked – to no avail.

Conservative website Breitbart lashed out at Ryan last month, releasing an explosive audio recording from last October of Ryan saying that he was abandoning Trump – saying that he was “not going to defend Donald Trump – not now, not in the future,” and as CNN reported,”The timing of Breitbart’s publication is telling. In recent days, the pro-Trump site has run one negative story after another about the House GOP’s health care bill” in an effort to undermine Ryan.

Then there is the example of cancer patient and life-long Republican Jeff Jeans who confronted Ryan at a town hall meeting earlier this year, telling him that he would be dead were it not for Pres. Obama and Obamacare.

And there are everyday working class Americans who have taken to social media to angrily air their grievances on Ryan’s Facebook page.

For example, the Speaker was thoroughly destroyed by conservatives three weeks ago on the same day the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its estimates of the cost and coverage of Trumpcare. (The bottom line according to CNN is that “in total, an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured by 2026 under the GOP plan, compared to 28 million who would lack insurance under the current law.”)

A few days ago, Ryan published a short clip on his Facebook page from a “CBS This Morning” interview in which he promised “to deliver for the American people.”

Criticism from conservatives was swift and brutal, with examples like the following to be found throughout the comment thread:

  • Paul Ryan you are shameful!!! FULL REPEAL OF OBAMACARE!!!! RINOcare that you peddled was no where near a repeal….unfortunately President Donald J. Trump was bamboozled by you. Do the honorable thing for the country and step down, give up the speakership and resign in disgrace from congress. You along with the dems are hellbent to destroy America, you are a traitor to your country Paul Ryan
  • Liar! You promised, time and again, to repeal Obamacare. You have the House, Senate and Presidency, and you instead tried to re-name Obamacare and ram through a truly awful bill that preserved it forever. You lied. You betrayed us. Resign. Liar.
  • Oh, you want me to trust you now? For 7 years the GOP has been running on “repeal and replace.” We gave you the House, Senate and the White House. You should have had consensus and a bill ready to send to the President on day one. But, no. Instead you gave us chaos. You looked like a bunch of amateurs and fools and made all of us who contributed money, defended you, marched for you, campaigned for you and believed in you look like a bunch of fools ourselves. You’ve lost my faith and support.
  • If you are going to stay in the republican party ……..put on your big boy pants and grow up . Stop being a sniveling little weasel long enough to do the job the people of Wisconsin elected you to do …..and that’s not stuff your pockets, it’s get things done to help the people of america. You accepted the job now do it or get out.
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