The Compelling Theory On The TrumpRussia Scandal You’re Not Seeing On MSM

If you follow the #TrumpRussia chatter on Twitter, you might be familiar with Claude Taylor, who worked on three presidential campaigns and served on President Bill Clinton’s White House staff, now a private photographer with a robust Twitter following, and Louise Mensch — they often have public tweet conversations and both have reliable sources that have proven to be solid.

On April 28, Claude tweeted:

Claude’s tweet led to Keith Olbermann picking up the story:

And then Joy Reid joined in:

Claude recently recommended following Olga Lautman:

Olga created a thread outlining what she believes is happening with the Trump administration’s connection to the Russian mob. Each one of her tweets is linked and pasted below (keep in mind, she shortened certain words and omitted punctuation to accommodate Twitter’s 140 character limit):

The Russians operate in a very simple way and almost always use the same methods. They offer lots of illegal money and then use blackmail

Trump has had dealings with the Russian mob for over 3 decades. Many Russians laundered money through his properties world wide

By Trump and his family cooperating with mobsters in the US and other countries the Kremlin was able Trump acquire decades of blackmail

With all the Blackmail that Russia has on Trump and his family they forced him to comply. The same way they did with Orban and others

The Russians are cruel and leave few options. In 2006 Ivanka Trump stated she had to hire bodyguards because of threats by the Russian mob

Trump because of blackmail or disdain for this country decided to comply with the Russ and over the past decade the plot went into action

The Russians infiltrated all the key agencies and compromised all the key government officials using the same methods.

They laundered money through Super Pacs and as a result were able to collect blackmail on key officials forcing them to comply with Russia

This resulted in the compromised officials being forced to collect blackmail on their peers in order to make them comply

Once Russia had the control of the officials they were able to force them to do The Kremlins bidding. Russia basically operates like the mob

Russia then attacked America usin several methods over a long period of time. They used fake media, infiltrated social media

Russia also used WikiLeaks and hacking of the machines to complete their operation. Russia studied Americans and found their weaknesses

Back to Trump! With Trump working with the Kremlin he made sure to assemble his team with Russian agents in order to pull off this plot

It is not a coincidence that revelations are coming to light of the whole Trump team either working with Russia or having past dealings

This attack was based on a combination of blackmail and at the same time the guarantee of future money and oil deals.. Rosneft

The GOP and some Dems are compromised and will do anything to disrupt and sabotage the Investigations.

It’s also import to remember that every individ who spoke or met with Russ was taped ..Either by our Intel and our Allies and Def by Russia

That is the number one method Russia employs. For ex when Sessions met and spoke with Russians it is definite that the Russ recorded him

The Russ will keep all the inappropriate meetings and financ dealings and can employ it at their choosing..Same with the GOP hacked emails

So while this seems like a complicated plot it really isn’t. It boils down to a few things.. collecting and using blackmail and money

It is essential for the American media to understand this in order to report accurately and stop dancing around what actually happened

At this moment we need to assume that the whole Trump regime starting with Trump and Pence are willing agents of the Kremlin

For what it’s worth . . .


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