‘We’re Coming For Him’ – Michael Avenatti Sends An Ominous Warning To Trump – Video

Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti tells CNN that he is coming for Trump in the wake of Tuesday’s sworn testimony by Michael Cohen.

To say that Tuesday was a bad day for the White House and team Trump would be the understatement of the decade, if not longer.

As The Washington Post reported,

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Manhattan courthouse to eight violations of banking, tax and campaign finance laws, telling a federal judge that he worked to silence two women before the 2016 election at the direction of then-candidate Trump.

When it came to the campaign finance violations, Cohen implicated the president directly. He told the court that he worked with Trump to pay off two women to keep their stories of alleged affairs with Trump from becoming public before Election Day.

Continuing, The Washington Post reported that this was one of two legal dramas that played out today to the assumed detriment of team Trump:

Cable television played Cohen’s plea in an extraordinary legal split screen, as a Virginia jury convicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on eight counts in his bank and tax fraud trial.

The jury in Alexandria, Va., convicted Manafort on eight of the 18 tax and bank fraud charges against him and said it was deadlocked on the other 10.

And for the record – so far – The Washington Post added that: “Cohen is the fifth Trump associate to have pleaded guilty or be charged with criminal wrongdoing since Trump took office, including his former national security adviser, his deputy campaign chairman and a former campaign policy adviser.”

The news quickly went from bad to worse when Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts tweeted that Cohen was just getting started:

  • Michael Cohen attorney Lanny Davis tells Fox News “This is just the beginning” and that Cohen will speak with any investigators (including Mueller) “to make sure the truth about Donald Trump gets out” [links edited for clarity]

Davis went on to reaffirm that declaration last night during appearances on CNN and MSNBC and this morning with other news networks to include NPR, NBC News and others.

Michael Avenatti appeared on CNN last night to discuss Cohen’s guilty plea with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, telling her that they are “coming” for Trump.

“This is a big deal,” he told Camerota about Cohen’s guilty plea. “This doesn’t happen every day.”

Camerota asked what Cohen’s guilty plea would mean for Trump’s presidency.

“Well, it means that the president is in a lot of trouble,” he said, adding the ominous warning: “And it means we’re coming for him, that’s what it means.”

Camerota followed up, reminding Avenatti that a sitting president is not ordinarily subject to being indicted, and Avenatti responded that the “American people” would ultimately decide Trump’s fate.

“We’re going to get all the facts and the evidence, we’re going to take the deposition under oath, we’re going to lay it all out for the American people,” he said. “And ultimately, they are going to decide the fate of Donald Trump.”

You can watch his interview, below:


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