Palin’s TV Show Trailer Proves Sexy Clothes Help When Hitchhiking (VIDEO)



Mrs. Sarah Palin posted a trailer for her new show, “Amazing America,” on her Facebook page, y’all!!

What becomes immediately clear, is that frumpy feminists wearing hippie garb will be ignored by drivers when stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We can tell because of all the cars that pass her by when she’s dressed like Janis Joplin.

Don’t fret. Mrs. Palin has a plan! (Wink.)

Like a good middle-aged, conservative, married woman, Mrs. Palin grabs her suitcase, scuffles off, and hides behind some bushes to change. She emerges in a skin-tight outfit. She slides on her red, white and blue patriotic cowboy boots, and she’s ready for some down-home hitchhikin’ action, y’all. Now we’re talkin’! YOUBETCHA!!!!!

Mrs. Palin goes back to the same spot on the random, scenic, American highway and lo and behold, a strange man drives by, catches sight of her hottness, and stops to pick her up.

The excited stranger asks “Where ya’ headed?”

Mrs. Palin flashes a knowing smile and says “Somewhere AMAZEEEEEEEEN.”

“Hop in,” the stranger replies.

Conservative Mrs. Plain throws her suitcase and herself into the strange man’s hot rod and they drive off into the sunset.

The takeaway:

Ladies!!!! When hitchhiking, nobody wants to pick up frumpy hippies on the side of the road. They want hot, sexy women (married or single) who look like they are UP for a good time! (If ya’ catch my drift!)


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