Metallica Lead Guitarist Say Teen Rockers Kick ‘Maximum A$$’ (VIDEO)

The Warning

The Warning, image from Facebook

Three sisters from Monterrey, Mexico have recently signed a record deal after their music videos exploded on YouTube. The band has covered songs from ACDC, Twisted Sister, Guns & Roses and Metallica.

Metallica’s lead guitarist Kirk Hammet tweeted the 13-year-old drummer, Paulina, “Kicks maximum ass!

The trio goes by the name of “The Warning.” Daniela Villarreal is on lead guitar and vocals and she’s the oldest band member at 16. 13-year-old Paulina is on drums and vocals and 10 year-old Alejandra plays bass guitar.

The girls uploaded their videos to YouTube so their friends and family would be able to watch their progress as musicians, but it didn’t take long for the world to notice. Their cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” has over 6 million hits and they recently debuted an original EP titled Escape The Mind.

The Warning plans to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston this summer and has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help raise money for tuition and expenses.

Visit The Warning’s Facebook Page.

Check them out – if you haven’t seen them, be prepared to be awed.

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