Bernie Sanders To Face-Off With Republicans One-On-One?


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has expressed a willingness and an interest in one-on-one debates with his Republican presidential opponents.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and GOP 2016 hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would be able to have that debate without violating the restrictive rules set by the Democratic and Republican national committees for the presidential primary. The face-off would have to take place on the floor of the US Senate.

Sean Spicer, the chief strategist for the RNC, told The Guardian: “Senate business would not be a violation.”

This means only congressional representatives – no governors, reality TV buffoons, or any candidates fired from Hewlett Packard would be able to participate.

Sanders is a self-identified democratic socialist who is attracting large crowds – even in very conservative states – and the Senator is also doing very well in the polls. In June, he told MSNBC he wanted one-on-one debates in order to expose what he called “an absolutely reactionary agenda.” He noted how much he valued “the clash of ideas, which he said led to “people becom[ing] more engaged in the political process,” and added “I think it’s a good thing for progressives. I think it’s a good thing for American democracy.”

Cruz welcomed the idea, and last week he told reporters in Iowa, “I welcome as many debates as possible,” adding that he was “in for any discussion.”

According to the chamber rules, this presidential debate is possible as long as it takes place on the Senate floor.

This is a dream scenario for political junkies.

Think of the drinking games: Take a swig every time Cruz says “liberties,” or when Sanders says “yooge.” All we need is some popcorn, an adult beverage, and a comfy seat.

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