All Hell Breaks Loose On Conference Call To Spin Trump’s Failed Spending Bill – Video

This may be one of the best things you’ll see all year.  

In order to keep the government open, the Trump administration had to give up large sections of its agenda. The $1 trillion deal, which will fund the government through September was a major victory for Democrats and a major failure for Republicans.

As MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow points out: Since the bill is a done deal and Republicans can’t do anything at this point to change it, the only option they had was to change the press about the deal and spin it to make it appear as if it was a win for Trump. So they held a conference call headed by administration’s new budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, who addressed a number of experienced top-tier reporters from all over the country.

The call starts out as one might expect. Mulvaney begins by saying that it’s understandable that Democrats will want to take credit for Trump’s failed bill and call this a win.

It didn’t take long for the shenanigans to start. Anyone who’s been on a conference call knows there’s always a few people who screw it up because they don’t mute their phones while listening in and occasionally background noises are heard by all – babies crying, dogs barking, etc.

After a few predictable background noises were heard, a funny thing happened; music started playing. It could have been that someone hit the hold button on their phone and that irritating background music started playing. Despite the distraction, participants continued talking over the music. But then the music got a lot louder and louder, and then a new song started playing. And while this is just a guess, I’m wondering if this might have been the work of sneaky prankster looking to thwart the administration’s attempt to spin their failure into a win. The second song heard on the call was “Be Kind To Your Web Footed-Friends” – not something you usually hear while on hold, especially at a volume loud enough to drown out conversation. All hell broke loose and the call ended. You just have to listen and watch, it’s effing hysterical.

Whether or not this clusterf**k of a conference call was a result of a prankster, it’s representative of how clueless the Trump administration is.

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