Democratic Leaders Need To Take A Cue From Donald Trump re: Selling The Party 

Trying to get liberals to vote in elections, especially midterm elections, is no easy task. See 2010 and 2014. Republicans cleaned our clocks. Not only is it embarrassing, it ultimately meant successful obstruction from the GOP.

Democratic values are American values, and one of the failings of the party in the last decade is the reluctance to sell their brand. Whether it’s out of humility or just plain laziness, Democratic leaders haven’t done a good enough job of selling the party to the public, and that needs to change yesterday. Fortunately there’s an easy fix.

Trump’s budget failed largely because of Democrats. No wall. No defunding Planned Parenthood, increased funding for the National Institutes of Health – and on and on.

America is experiencing a constitutional crisis in the name of Donald Trump and his joke of an administration. His campaign promises were utterly RIDICULOUS, yet a sizable number of Obama voters decided to give him a chance because he successfully SOLD his message. He repeated it over and over and over until he no longer had to even say the words. He’d start the sentence and then gesture to his rabid mobcrowds who would loudly chant his platform right back to him – because like any good marketing person knows, repetition is the key to selling a brand.

Democrats in leadership roles – take a CUE from Trump and sell the crap out of YOUR accomplishments. This budget deal was – as Trump promised – so much winning. But not in the way he originally intended.

Constituents need to understand why both parties are not the same. Democratic leaders and elected officials must explain party differences. Sell it. Sell the party. Sell Democratic values, and tell everyone how much they’re benefiting from those values and accomplishments. Sell, sell, sell, and then repeat.

Here are simple talking points on what Democrats accomplished with the spending bill:

1. No funding for Trump’s border wall 
2. No provision to defund Planned Parenthood 
3. No drastic cuts for EPA 
4. No funding for Trump’s deportation force 
5. Funding for Obamacare subsidies 
6. $2 billion increase for the NIH 
7. Funding for Community Development Block Grants 
8. No provision to defund sanctuary cities 
9. Medicaid Funding for Puerto Rico 
10. Half of the requested funding for the military 
11. Less than half of the requested funding for border security 
12. Funding for high-speed rail 
13. Rise in non-defense domestic spending 
14. No poison pills

h/t to Think Progress. Read more on Trump’s failed spending bill HERE.

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