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Bill Maher Mocks  Media: They Should ‘Search For The Middle Class’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher Mocks Media: They Should ‘Search For The Middle Class’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher takes on a variety of issues in last week’s New Rules, finishing with a rant about all the hype assigned to missing flight MH370 instead of covering things like America’s shrinking middle class. Maher suggested that the media could dedicate a fraction of the time they spend on the missing Malaysian flight on […]

Bill Maher: ‘There Is A Gay Mafia – If You Cross Them, You Do Get Whacked’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher weighed in on the recent Mozilla controversy regarding its now former CEO. In the web-exclusive “Overtime” portion of the show, Maher disagreed with gay rights activists for targeting Brendan Eich for making a donation in 2008 supporting Prop 8, the ballot initiative banning same-sex marriage in California. Maher noted that “I think there […]

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Bill Maher Meets The Press

Meet The Press recently sat down with Bill Maher to ask him how he felt about touring and playing to audiences in red states. As always Maher gave a great interview to Harry Smith and really didn’t pull any punches. When Smith asked if Obamacare was a mistake, Maher answered that the problem with Obamacare […]

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Bill Maher Tells Democrats To ‘Stand Your Ground’ Against Tea Partiers

Bill Maher concluded Friday night’s episode by telling Democrats to man up: “New Rule: Crazy idea division, since there’s an election coming up Democrats might want to say something about what they propose to do for America sometime between now and November.” Maher went on to plea for Democrats to stop remaining silent in the […]

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Dear Bill Maher:  Creationist Ken Ham Says You Will Burn In Hell :(

Guest post by Feather Horowitz: Feather has been 23-years-old for 10 years. She lives in Encino California with her wealthy parents. Her hobbies include pot smoking, shopping at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, occasionally telling right-wingers off on Twitter, and frequent hot tub sex with her boyfriend, Randy. **Upate. I totally messed up guys. I said […]

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